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  • KUSA TEAM EDIT JULY !!! This edit was inspired by arcade style gaming and heavy retro vibes. The team went IN, AGAIN melting in the H O T summer!!! QUESTION -Did YOU grow up watching VHS tapes or were you straight to dvd? Wanna see where the OG's are! Music - Super Mario World - Game Over (extended) @remixgodsued Edited - Scags (MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: My comp was literally glitching because of all the editing which is why you see at the "Select Your Player" screen WYATT -RAY ,HALEY -ISHOFF , NO -UNORI , ETC. I left it in because the whole concept of this edit was an old glitchy arcade gamey feel so I felt it was appropriate! - Bryan) -much respect nerds.

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    Posted by: Bryan Scagline

  • July 28th, 2018, King Of The Swamp was held at the Gazeebo in Langford Park in Orlando, Florida. Troy Monteagudo took home the first ever Kendama Krown. Follow @Skillderness for more!

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    Posted by: Vincent Dimaya

  • ZACH MAGNUSON IS ON KENDAMA USA!!! Coming head first out of Detroit MI - 19 years old Zach Magnuson is the NEWEST member of Kendama USA Tribe team! Discovered by Wyatt Bray. "The dude shreds. Like hard.. it was honestly was a no brainer to put Zach on the KUSA team. The dude is hungry and we had to feed him!" Don't sleep, ZBMAGS is TRIBE. FOLLOW HIM ON IG fo the facemelters!!! @zbmags77 - much respect Music: MF - Doom - "Figaro" Future - "Mask Off" (lo fi remix) Travis Scott - "Stargazing" Shot by: Tyler Chambers Bryan Scagline Edited By: Zach Magnuson Bryan Scagline

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    Posted by: Nick Lectura

  • Just who is Nick Gallagher.... well.... he's certainly not Zack Gallagher.

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    Posted by: MJ Brother

  • The 2017 Kendama World Champion, So Kanada shows off our line of Dragon Ball Z inspired custom kendamas. There's a reason why So is one of the top kendama athletes in the world and here it is. Enjoy this energetic edit from the legend!

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    Posted by: MattSweets

  • A message from Yourd - Edit #7 is special. It not only encompasses innovative kendama play, but also tells a story that is dear to my heart. As I leave my beloved hometown of Pittsburgh and transplant to Denver, one chapter ends and a new begins. In it's entirety, this edit was filmed chronologically over the span of 2 years. The tricks captured were methodically composed to showcase the endless possibilities and aesthetic appeal that I find in kendama. Being dormant from a full length solo edit, I accepted nothing but perfection and pushed myself like never before.

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    Posted by: Bryan Scagline

  • Kendama USA Pro Wyatt Bray and Friday Kendama's Alyjah Onishi teamed up to hold down the Portland kendama scene and bring to you "KENDAMA". Two Homies, epic kendama skill, and one fire filmer -Chris Valdez. get it. @wyattslay @oni.shi @chrisvaaaldez @KendamaUSA @fridaykendama - much respect

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    Posted by: Nick Lectura

  • SOOOOO hyped to FINALLY drop the 2nd MOST REQUESTED GAME OF KEN ever. Straight from KUSA HQ in Atlanta GA - we have Logan Tosta (14) duking it out in an EPIC Game of Ken against his best friend and teammate - Gavin Harvey (13) !!! *BEFORE YOU WATCH* Comment below who you think will take the W for the TRIBE TEAM! ...AAAAAAAAAND as always we have SCAGS as the guest REF with eyes of a hawk and a memory of an elephant to break up any messy bangers, hand touches, and weak taps. GAME ON. -kusa

    More... Posted: Jul 20, 2018

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    Posted by: Bryan Scagline

  • Jerred Bradley is Yumu USA. Peep his first edit on Yumu USA's official channel.

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    Posted by: Vincent Dimaya