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  • From The Sweets newswire: Calling all creatives! This is your chance to be an official Sweets Kendamas designer! Our #DesignAPrime contest is live! How it works: 1. You draw a (realistic) prime kendama design 2. Sweets picks their 10 favorites 3. The public votes on their favorite 3! The top 3 designers win 5 of their own kendama and their art featured in a line of Prime Customs. Designs will be chosen based on: ORIGINALITY CREATIVITY COLOR CHOICE UNIQUENESS ABILITY TO BE PAINTED PLAYABILITY . Submissions are due May 16th. RULES: Enter as many tama design as you’d like. Only 1 design will be chosen per artist. Create your design any way you can. Digital designs are preferred but hand drawn pictures will work too. *All submissions should be original designs created by you. Upload designs to your public Instagram feed and use the hashtag #DesignAPrime to enter the contest. 10 semi-finalists will be chosen by Sweets Kendamas staff and posted to our Instagram where the public will vote for our 3 winners. Each of the three winners will receive 5 kendamas of their own design. All submissions are due by May 16th. . Check out all the entries by clicking #DesignAPrime . #SweetsKendamas #kendama#kendamadesign #design #draw #doodle#paint #color #contest

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  • My Instagram: Ball And Stick Co: Analog Kendamas: https://www.analogkend...

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  • Just like last year's Sakura Classic, the GT squad made another team announcement during the Saturday night party. Steph is now GT Prospect! It was so cool to watch her edit playing on the wall of the bar! Her mod sold out within 10 minutes, everybody rushed upstairs to line up and cop. Congrats Steph! Peep the vid for some dope lines in the snow from Steph! We are very excited to welcome Steph to the GT Prospect team! Her dedication to kendama along with her creativity, consistentcy, and all around good vibes have influenced kendama players around the world. From Steph "Never thought back in 2011 when I picked up my first kendama that I’d be here today. This wooden toy quickly became an obsession and took over my life and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. The reason I chose pink and blue for my prospect mod is because my 2 first kendamas were those colours. (Baby Blue Sunrise and Pink UV Sweets Focus) I just want to take time to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting my kendama journey. Nothing would’ve been possible without you guys. Shout out to all the OG and new gen players for inspiring me, you know who you are. Thanks to Kristian for supporting me since day 1. Thanks to YYC kendama crew for pushing me and helping me getting better on the daily. Thanks to the GT family for constant love and support. And last but not least, thanks to all my fans. Much love, Steph"

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    Posted by: Nick Lectura

  • Top 10 in the world. Tribe member Logan Tosta gives some real good vibes. Enjoy his 5 year edit as he cruised Downtown Sacramento putting on for his city.

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  • Sweets Team members Isaac Fine and George Marshall spent their spring break in Bozeman, Montana visiting the homie Finn Loftesnes. Bro's + Bozeman = Brozeman. Check it out for chill vibes and dope bangers! Shot: George and Isaac Cut: Isaac Songs: 0.001% - Kaytranada Keep It Moving - A Tribe Called Quest

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  • KROMIE Lukas Sandgren and his lil bro Philip went to San Diego They came, they saw, they slayed!

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  • April fools!! SHOUTOUT / special thanks to the players that we dubbed over! - The Gallaghers! - ROD! - Bryson!! - Tamostu! - NORX - Wiens - 2Bears - BONZ! - Kev D! - Guy! - Matt DeCoteau!! - Aynedter! - KendAlex!!! - YUKA! - C FRESH - Rice! <3 love y'all!

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  • Grain Theory presents the official release edit of the GT-E1! . . . OAKLAND CA, TOKYO JPN, JACOB LOW. Enjoy the GT team vs the E-1! Get yours and join the GT Life!

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  • ZOOMADANKE If you've ever wanted to know more about the duo, this is your chance. A+ cinematography, color grading, editing and storytelling set this edit apart. Cool to hear from Tamotsu, Jero, Thorkild, and Sweets in this edit. Enjoy! cop the Mugen Musou seen in this vid: follow Zoomadanke on twitter: Featured in the Japan Times: LIFESTYLE Kendama: spin doctors BY MASAMI ITO On the streets of Tokyo, Zoomadanke’s “Kodaman” (Takeshi Kodama) and “Easy” (Hiroki Iijima) look like any other young men in their 20s or 30s. The second they start playing kendama, however, the pair will put on a performance that completely redefines the traditional wooden toy. Zoomadanke is a professional kendama performance unit that was formed in December 2010. There was no major company pulling strings in the background — just two men, Kodama and Iijima, who decided that they enjoyed kendama so much they would make it into a career. “It all just started out as something fun,” says Kodama, 34. “The image of kendama was rather uncool, and people mostly looked down on it as a plain and sedate toy. I thought that if we could change that image, people would see how great it really was.” The two met at a toy-consultancy course, at which Iijima introduced Kodama to kendama. Iijima, a college student then, and Kodama, a former salaryman, had one thing in common — their love for toys. “I think kendama has and will continue to evolve,” says Iijima, 23. “The amazing thing about it is the potential it has to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and create something.” Zoomadanke’s performances are a reflection of such a philosophy. Using hip-hop, beatbox and even traditional Japanese music, Zoomadanke performs tricks using a kendama with a combination of smooth, graceful and sharp movements. The pair’s choreography is unique and entertaining, completely in sync with each other as they jump, twist and turn — all the time while doing kendama. The two men have performed on television, at public spaces, parks and have even gone abroad to destinations such as Brazil and Hawaii. “When you think about the fact that most people outside of Japan have never heard of kendama, imagine the endless possibilities it has,” Kodama said. “And like all toys, the great thing about it is, you don’t need to speak the language — you can communicate through kendama with anyone.”

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    Our latest Prime Custom line has gone Super Saiyan. Get your favorite DBZ character color way today!

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    Just saw this come out earlier today and thought it was super creative. I still think these two are underrated.

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    A lot of people have been asking about the new Eclipse Shape from Yumu, so here is a review I made for it! (The review does not cover the Corona Laser or Cup)

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    My first edit! If you like it give me a follow @tonka_tamas on instagram! Leave an Up-vote if you liked it please!

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    My Instagram: Ball And Stick Co: Analog Kendamas: https://www.analogkend...

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    KWC has just dropped their trick list for this year's competition. We've posted them here for quick access. Are you headed to KWC? Discuss: Kendama World Cup Hatsukaichi 2018 Tricks Tricks - Level 1 01: Spike 02: Airplane 03: Big cup, Spike 04: Trapeze 05: Big cup, Orbit, Spike 06: Baseball 07: Big cup, Kneebounce big cup 08: Candle block 09: Hanging, Double clap catch 10: Moshikame x 11 Tricks - Level 2 01: Gunslinger spike 02: Jumping stick 03: Around Japan 04: Swing spike, Earth turn 05: Stuntplane 06: Kenflip big cup, Spike 07: Finger solar flare, Spike 08: Lighthouse, Falling in 09: Penguin base cup, Spike 10 : Downspike Tricks - Level 3 01: Candle, Spike 02: Specewalk 03: Around Europe 04: Swing spike, Whirlwind 05: Juggle big cup, Spike 06: Base cup hanging lighthouse, Falling in 07: Bird, 1 turn spike 08: Lunar, Flip in 09: Turntable , Spike 10: Airplane, Base cup, Downspike Tricks - Level 4 01: Lightning drop swap spike 02: 2 turn airplane 03: Around USA 04: Airplane, 1.5 turn tradespike 05: Juggle spike 06: Flying V, 1 turn airplane 07: Candle grip underbird, Spike 08: Stilt, Tradespike 09: Sara grip big cup, Orbit penguin big cup, Grip change spike 10: Lighthouse, Stuntplane Tricks - Level 5 01: Swirl to swap spike 02: Triple jumping stick 03: Around Denmark 04: Base cup, Kenflip base cup, Kenflip lighthouse, Tradespike 05: Juggle kick big cup, Spike, Earth turn 06: Ghost lighthouse insta lighthouse flip, Tradespike 07: Underbird, Nod off underbird, Falling in 08: Inward lunar flip, Falling in 09: Swivel downspike fasthand, Swivel spike 10: Candle grip kenflip downspike

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