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  • Witness history as KROM Pro Bonz Atron wins his 3rd world championship at Catch & Flow 2017! . . . KROM Pro Bonz Atron wins the freestyle kendama world championships. As the first player ever to win 2 catch and flows and 3 world championships in total. World champ owned & endorsed. By players for players.

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    Posted by: Keeks

  • GAME OF KEN with Wiens and Mateo! This game was SO fun and even funnier to watch! AIRHORNS, booted from spots, losing track of the score, camera problems, and audio problems... straight chaos, but it happens! Enjoy the epic battle between Jake and Dave with Official ref Scags! *The Audio in the video is muted by YouTube from 2:00-3:30 because of a lame train song playing in the background lol* very irritating but it happens lol - scags

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    Posted by: Bryan Scagline

  • I'll be taking a break next month, to pave way for the DSCE 3 edit, and i'll be back in February to bring you more news! ____________________________________...

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    Posted by: azleonhart

  • The Kendama USA team out here for the FOURTH Team Edit for 2017. We want to get all of our 2017 tricks and clips OUT so we can make room mentally and physically for the 2018 shred ahead of us. Clips form the team Chopped by Bryan Scagline Music by: Mogwai- Batcat -much respect

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    Posted by: Bryan Scagline

  • Enjoy some tricks from the KUSA squad during this year's Kendama World Cup!! The Kendama USA team ventured out to Japan yet again for the 2017 Kendama World Cup. This time around, the KUSA Tribe members made a huge impact through out the trip. For some, it was their first time experiencing the biggest contest of the year. For others, it was a stepping stone to see the beautiful countryside of Japan again, and compete with the top level players from all over the world. We are proud to present, KUSA JPN 2017. Enjoy friends. Kendama by: Wyatt Bray Dylan Westmoreland Jake Wiens Tj Kolesnik Nobu Nori Gavin Harvey Logan Tosta Joris Schweppe Alex Smith Shot By: Tj Kolesnik Jake Wiens Wyatt Bray Joris Schweppe Directed / Edited by: Tj Kolesnik Huge thank you to: Jeremy Stephenson Tamotsu Kubota Yukka Hyuga Hajime Ishibashi Kazuma Iwata Kota Kagoshima

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    Posted by: Nick Lectura

  • I took on the task of creating the 2nd ever Downspike Community Edit, here is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching! ALSO: If I used your clip in this edit, you were automatically entered into a random giveaway! With that being said, the two winners are: 1. @Brandon McCormick 2. @cpthangover Joseph and Brandon, please message your addresses to the @Dæmon for your prizes! Thanks to everyone who submitted a clip!

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    Posted by: Nick Lectura

    Did you miss out on going to Catch & Flow like I did? Well here's a full recap of the event, courtesy of the man Max Norcross! He even included the specific times for the runs in the video, what a boss! Thanks Norx! Also, congrats to the new Sweets Japan members So and Kengo! . . . . . Our very own Max Norcross, Nick Gallagher, Matt Sweets and newly added family members So Kanada and Kengo Kawamura travelled to Tokyo for the Freestyle Kendama World Championships. This is one of the most hyped events of the whole year. Shoutout to everyone who gave it their all on the stage! See you next year! Skip to your favorite part below! 3:40 So & Kengo announced as SWEETS! 4:24 Nick G vs. Yutaro Fukushima 6:25 RodDama vs. Nic Stodd 8:04 Thorkild May vs. Taiga Ogawa 9:35 Rolf vs. Bonz Atron 12:33 Wyatt Bray vs. Naoki Imori 12:56 Nobu Nori vs. Yukie Yao 16:12 Ben Matsek vs. Maharu Tashiro 17:53 Hiroto Motohashi vs. So Kanada 19:30 RodDama vs. Nick G. 21:39 Thorkild May vs. Bonz Atron 23:51 Nobu Nori vs. Imori 25:41 ben Matsek vs. So Kanada 28:34 Nick G. vs. Bonz Atron 31:35 Nobu Nori vs. So Kanada 35:22 Nick G. vs. Nobu Nori 40:40 Bonz Atron vs. So Kanada Music By DJ Panic and WAVE Edit by Max Norcross

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    A NEW VIDEO FROM BEN!?! YES!! If you've been thinking about buying one of the new TK-16s, let Ben tell you some more about them!

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    Skillderness, Krom Kendama, and BirdBoyz present the Beast Coast Battle, held at Shady park in Winter Park, Florida on November 18th, 2017. Follow @Skillderness

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    Joey does kendama

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    Jacob Low recently spent an afternoon filming in his backyard on an oldie but goodie: the Black Cherry Stodd Mod. Check out the tricks he managed to get! They're actually pretty sick, you don't want to miss out on watching this. Who is Jacob Low??? Jacob is a GT flow team shredder based in San Jose, California. I met him during the Kendama Syndicate days where he was one of the kids that straight up murked on anybody in KEN. He was in the grouping of Bay Area kids that had just started playing but were already at a top tier skill level, busting out border balance and tap tricks within their first 6 months of playing. He was sponsored by BLK for a while before managing to snag a spot on Grain Theory. He frequents the San Jo Slay jams that Ben Herald puts on and is pretty good at airplane tricks. Jacob is one of those underrated slayers out there; if you know, you know. If you haven't already, I would recommend keeping Jacob on your radar. Follow him on Instagram to keep up with his gnarly tricks! @jacoblow_ @jacoblow_ @jacoblow_

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