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  • Shot/edited by Jeremy Libretti-River and Patrick Homrich. If you live around the Chicago area and you're interested in being a part of the South Suburban Kendama Team, email us at [email protected] Music: Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight

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    Posted by: Jeremy Libretti

  • Recently, DS caught up with KUSA pro Turner Thorne and asked him the tough questions. Turner has a question for Downspike! Answer it in THIS THREAD and win one of his v4 pro mods!

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    Posted by: Dæmon

  • Okay guys here it is. First time doing something like this so I hope it is okay. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone or get anyone's name wrong. If you sent multiple clips I probably just used one. Let's make the next one even better (quality and quantity!)

    More... Posted: Apr 9, 2017

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    Posted by: Ben Lowe

    Daily Lace - 34 || Around Inward Loon || Dama : custom @rez_kendama to @weekendinthewoodsretreat super stick Tama! Loving this set up! Tamas and gear available at || #dailylace #spikehardcatchlow #weekendinthewoods2017 #spikehardcatchlowsociety #dreamdama #kusa #kendamausa #kaizen #kaizenkendama #kaizencraft ||

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    A quick look back at the last year of videos and progression from my youtube channel. First few months are pretty cringy but I'm rather proud of it as a whole.

    More... Jun 14, 2017

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    i've been feeling good lately and I like to express that through kendama. all on the Grain Theory Le' Captaine x Mocha Stodd Fire edit = fire rewards. Adrian is now GT Flow. Its always cool to see someone who reps a company get a spot on their team.

    More... Jun 15, 2017

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    In 2016, Zoomadanke attended the 37th Le Cirque de Demain (The Circus of Tomorrow), and put on a really good show in front of the judges! Always stoked to see them perform, again and again, live or on screen. Never gets dull.

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    look ma, a lil' edit

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