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  1. OuttaTimeDama

    Message me if you’re around the KC area!!
  2. Qonnor
  3. Matiashoward

    FS: I have a LunaTac “The Loon” for sale brand new in box if anyone wants it $70
  4. Jamin

    Your Favorite Ken? Mines probably a Grain Theory E1 in bamboo or maple
  5. Qonnor

    KUSA 2019 edit was amazing. So emotional
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  6. Mr.T
    Mr.T still has nako swag bags but you gotta ask them
  7. rhysgoespeace

    Just realised that there has now been a krom pop naked and nude :)
    1. Mr.T
      What's the difference between naked and nude?
      Nov 12, 2019
    2. Qonnor
      Naked it a clear silk and nude is just nude colors.
      Nov 12, 2019
  8. Morgan Boucher
    Morgan Boucher

    Just got a brand new og sweets homegrown ken with a Terra painted tama and it's awesome!!
  9. juhn

    Jammin and studying
  10. Morgan Boucher
    Morgan Boucher

    Back after breaking my back and not being able to play for a few years
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    2. Qonnor
      Shit! Welcome back!
      Nov 12, 2019
    3. Morgan Boucher
      Morgan Boucher
      Thanks! Great to be back
      Nov 12, 2019
  11. Davi Bergs
    Davi Bergs

    Anyone got a decade mod for sale?
    1. Mr.T
      Nov 12, 2019
  12. slothymane

    Posting this here to see if he keeps his word ;) swordnsphere if you here LMK :)
  13. Mr.T

    Hows the quality of the NAKO bag? Will ot hold up for daily use?
    1. Dankandpurpledrank
      I just got mine it’s a bit small but fits my iPad mini perfect so I’m happy. The quality is pretty good it feels really nice.
      Oct 22, 2019
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  14. AN_TY

    impatiently waiting on my GT-JW... stop playing games USPS.
  15. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Just an Idea: I hope KUSA could make one last batch of Dave's Pro Mod and sell it to the public, then proceeds would go to Dave's family.
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  16. Firesnail7070

    Finally just landed my first whirlwind
  17. Christopher Knapp
    Christopher Knapp

    WhiteClaw on a Monday
  18. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    I've been hearing news that Dave Mateo has passed away. I hope it's not true. :(
  19. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    A really strong typhoon is gonna hit tokyo soon. Praying for all the kendama homies living in Japan; hope you guys stay safe.
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  20. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Honest opinion on Fringecase: Awesome tricks, not so awesome editing.