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  1. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    It's crazy to think that most players nowadays have skills that were considered pro-level about 10 years ago.
  2. Dartmana

    Looking for dwesty mod, nobu mod, super long string, and c fraiser mod
  3. Enthusiastic by nature
    Enthusiastic by nature

    Been playing for about 9 months, can lunar, lunar flip etc. What’s a trick you would practice and get good at next?
  4. j-carder
  5. Lindzeb
  6. JHard502710

    Going to be auctioning off some 10/10 damas to highest bidders with reserves in place. All proceeds will be going to help service industry
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    2. JHard502710
      employees I know that have been put out of their jobs with little financial security. They will be listed on the Exchange thread here and you can contact me via DM on IG @jsteez5024 for quickest responses
      Mar 17, 2020
    3. JHard502710
      Sol Collabs, Sweets Rare Exotic Wood Rolling pin, Sweets Boost shape kendamas, etc.. pics and opening bid/reserve prices coming soon
      Mar 17, 2020
  7. Matei Ariton
    Matei Ariton

    Looking for astheroid v10
  8. Ken Dama
    Ken Dama

    Starting a Kendama company. Kolorado Kendamas
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  9. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Manila is on lockdown because of Coronavirus. Academics aside, I think it's time to make the "Stuck in the House because of COVID" edit.
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  10. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Submitted my clips for KWC 2020! Hopefully they get included in the trick list!
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  11. JHard502710

    Happy Monday! Have a good week Dama Fam!!
  12. RyBoy

    •FOLLOW FRIDAY — send me your Instagram @‘s for a follow
  13. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Offer words of encouragement to new players.
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    2. RyBoy
      Always stay positive, never compare yourself to other dama players enjoy it
      Mar 6, 2020
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  14. ttocsic

    I need a community update... Been on a 6 month slump☹️
  15. JHard502710

    Not sure that everyone knows the official “rules” for 28tricks later..!?
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    2. RyBoy
      Is there like a list or anything anywhere?
      Feb 25, 2020
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  16. Solaced_tama

  17. Jeffery Kendamar
    Jeffery Kendamar

    Playing Kendama for 2 Years / Sometimes I sell
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  18. EZA

    Greener than Gumby
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  19. ChrisPChicken

    Anyone know anything about Ultra Kendama ? Have a few that are fresh and I just know nothing about them ? Thanx
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    2. JHard502710
      Looks like they’re a Danish company.. maybe one of the Krom guys would know more? A quick google search shows that they’ve got a FB page, but I don’t have FB so that’s as far as I got
      Feb 22, 2020
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  20. RyBoy

    Anyone managed tricks everyday for 28 tricks later?