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  1. MickeLodeon

    Big chillin knaww I’m sayin
  2. MickeLodeon

    Big chillin knaww I’m sayin
  3. Zreamz
  4. Dylan Deitchman
  5. Luka

    The new Mugen Mosou looks nice... With the Fraser mod not available anywhere it might be a good option... :D
  6. James Hoang
    James Hoang

    This past year of my life has been so amazing for me, especially in the dama world. Here’s to 17 years of being alive. Happy birthday to me!
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    2. LilKashi
      Happy Birthday man!
      May 16, 2020
  7. LilKashi

    Anyone know if Sweets ever sold the Dragon Ball Z customs they did a video on back in 2018, if so does anyone have one of the half splits?
    1. Aaron Gallegos
      Aaron Gallegos
      They did end up selling them. IIRC they were on the site for most if not all of 2018. I do not have one unfortunately but a buddy of mine put a boo DBZ tama on a homegrown ken and seshed it to death. It was a crisp setup for sure.
      May 21, 2020
  8. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Adam22 allegations are blowing up on FKC again. That group is a cesspit of people who are angry, confused, and angrily-confused.
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  9. Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    View the kendama skill of other players as a goal to be achieved, not as a measure of your own superiority or inferiority.
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  10. Air whip
    Air whip

    If anyone wants to buy an analog fall kendama that’s in good condition, hit me up.
  11. matejmtb.dama

    Part of @kromkendamacroatia team
  12. xplodit

    I'm a Kentei Sensei, hit me up if you want certified, not if you are certifiable.
  13. LilKashi

    ISO any maple GT ken or maple craft slim
  14. Jewbacca

    Snake bite and c-whip bothe checked off and consistent
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  15. Damyen Fontaine
    Damyen Fontaine

    Anyone in Vancouver, BC willing to sell a kendama with a base cup balance hole?
    1. Air whip
      Air whip
      I live close by in Washington and I could sell you an analog kendama that’s barely used. Hit me up if interested
      May 13, 2020
  16. Zachridebike

    Doin thangs with thangs
  17. Vinks
  18. ASporar

    Hey, has Anyone ordered from kendama senses at all? How long did it take for you to get your package?
  19. Ian kepner
    Ian kepner

    Anyone know what happened to kenco? Does anyone still have their stripped zens, I got mine still
  20. Ian kepner
    Ian kepner

    Just ordered a krom 9y bday cant wait to try the shape will let y’all know!
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