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Monday, April 16th, 2018

The latest JKA Certified Kendama is available, and this time it's from Yumu Kendama.
The kendama is reported to have that classic shape from other JKAs, with the durable, grippy paint that makes Yumus so fun to jam. They will be available in In 8 different colorways, with excellent tracking to help you reach the next Dan level.

Yumu was founded by Kendama enthusiast Parker Yu. Yu admired the JKA methods on Kendama education, and attempted to use their methods to build the kendama scene in Taiwan. He created the Taiwan Kendama Association in 2008 and his goal is grow kendama into a visible public sport. Yu's initial factory was influential in early sweets and Kenco productions.

These JKA damas are available on and Amazon.
If you have any questions, or need help with US shipping, contact fellow Downspiker Vincent Dimaya who is a Yumu USA Team Manager.

07 April 2018

How to go pro?
A meticulous and insightful article, typed by a non-pro.

There's a really good chance that once you've picked up your first kendama, it's likely thanks to watching a professional kendama player (yes, this is actually printed on a name card and resumé), and there's an equally good amount of chance that you want to be as famous as that player is.

So then, the question arises - how do i become a pro kendama player?
You're in luck, as i happen to know how.

Any professional kendama player worth his or her salt will tell you that there are 5 stages - a tried, tested and proven system, commonly called AHURA, on the long road to joining them in the ranks of the elite few.

  1. The Admiration
  2. The Hard Work
  3. The Undying Love
  4. The Rise
  5. The Acceptance

1. The Admiration.

Of course, every player starts out by admiring a company, or a professional player, representing a certain company.

And pick a professional player you shall. Follow said person. Follow everything he/she does. And i mean everything. Start an Instagram account called bonzatron_official for example, decorate it with images and videos of Bonz doing tricks, gain many followers and get verified, and reply to comments and messages, as if you are Bonz, take the time to even dismiss people who think the account is fake, and you are not Bonz.
Then, own one used Krom kendama, since you're most likely to be broke when starting out, but be sure to get that particular kendama signed by Bonz (or your favorite professional player), because this is a very important step, since owning a kendama signed by a professional player not only immensely increases it's value, but also your...
Los Angeles, CA -
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