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Anyone live near the Hudson Valley in NY?

Discussion in 'Sessions' started by SteadySpaghetti, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. SteadySpaghetti

    SteadySpaghetti n00b

    Apr 1, 2017
    Hudson Valley NY
    IMG_3402.JPG Hey so im organizing a small at the moment but has the potential to be big Kendma Open event in Red Hook , NY


    I have a club at my school with 30+ kids who are into it and if any pros/ local dama players are in the area in may and june let me know!

    Also if any companies would be willing to sponsor by giving me and my partner some damas to give away as prizes, that would be awesome

    It would be outside at Bard College

    I have a DJ
    I would get 1 or two local vendors to come sell food!

    I would make custom t shirts that will be available for purchase as well as free for competetors

    Im planning to have
    Head to Head
    And Freestyle

    Each with three levels( begin-advanced)

    I will also plan to have a kendama tower building team race, and a yank spike competition!

    If anyone is close or is interested let me know, if you havr any ideas im open to all opinions, the point is to just have a great time, and put the proceeds towards scholarships, as well as a Bard Sanctuary Fund that helps aid people in need


    Apr 18, 2017