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British Kendama Open 2017

Discussion in 'Sessions' started by Stuart Barron, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Stuart Barron

    Stuart Barron Slayer

    Nov 10, 2016
    The British Kendama Open 2017

    Well seeing as I am one of the few UK members on here I thought I should post up about the BKO
    which is taking place in Exeter this year on May 14th. (Late notice I know)

    The date would seem to coincide nicely with the JKAs national kendama day!

    The event is no longer being organised by The Void as in previous years and the mantel has been taken up by some of the younger generation of UK players @Maico @Rob @fiddletrix

    The BKO has always seemed to have had a reasonable turn out of players since it inception in 2008(?). But the UK scene has never really seemed to have grown like elsewhere in the world, with new players joining and others dropping away quite consistently.
    Hopefully the younger group of organisers will be able to inject some vitality into the event and it will be successfull and spur kendama on in the UK.

    Anyway my first event was last year and I will be traveling to Exeter on competition day this to jam kendama, learn and compete!

    Im sure your all welcome to attend too!
    Apr 19, 2017
  2. Stuart Barron

    Stuart Barron Slayer

    Nov 10, 2016
    Here are the details as posted on the British Kendama Forum:

    Newtown Community Association, Exeter, Devon, UK, EX1 2DH

    May 14th : 14:30 - 20:30
    Exeter, Devon, UK

    Save the date.

    Jam Day Optional
    May 13th - (Princesshay Exeter)
    11:00 onwards -
    Meet on the square just outside Costa Coffee. We won't be hard to spot.
    If you're not able to make a start time just drop us a message on instgram @project.ark

    Event Details:

    Entry will be £5:
    Enters you into
    1 Division
    1 Raffle Ticket (More will be available on the day)
    Apr 19, 2017
  3. Stuart Barron

    Stuart Barron Slayer

    Nov 10, 2016


    Beginners Speed Ladders:

    Around Japan
    Big Cup > Orbit > Big Cup
    Swing In
    Flying Top
    Faster Than Gravity
    Lighthouse > Falling Down (1sec)
    Moshi x 5 > Spike


    1-Turn Lighthouse > Falling Down (1 sec)
    1-Turn Aeroplane
    Bird Fly Over The Valley (1 sec, 1 sec)
    Lunar > Lunar Flip > In
    Around The Block > Frying Pan > In
    Stilt > In (1 sec)
    Pull Up Juggle Big Cup > Spike
    Downspike (Stab)


    Bird > Turn to Small Bird > In
    2-Turn Lighthouse > Falling
    Stilt > 1-Turn In > Double Jumping Stick
    Handlestall ( Clifftop) > 1- Turn In
    Hanging Reverse Stab
    Underbird > Airplane
    Lunar > Lunar Flip > Inward 1-Turn In
    Funhouse (Sarado Eiffel Tower) > Tradespike > Whirlwind
    Candle > Tradespike
    Scramble 1-Turn Lighthouse > Fall In
    2-Turn Aeroplane > Double Jumping Stick
    Base Cup > Penguin Base Cup > 1-Turn Lighthouse > 1-Turn Tradespike

    Timed : 90 Seconds to show everyone what you've got.
    There will be three judges that will be moderating this.
    Points earned for creativity, skill and accuracy. (Up to 10 points can be earned in each category)

    Spike off, Unicorn Battle Royale, Candle Relay, Follow

    Everyone loves a mini competition
    A mystery prize is up for grabs for anyone who can suggest/create a minigame that we have not heard about. The BKO
    is probably a good chance to trial it out. Deadline (May 8th - @BenPycroft24 Bday). Ben will judge the winner.


    JKA or BKA Gradings Available

    As always @The Void will be present to do some gradings.
    Want to test you metal? We highly suggest going for it.

    We will set up some stalls for people to have the option of buying merchandise such as apparel in addition to kendamas (perhaps even customs).
    Expect to see some interesting things popping up so keep your eyes peeled.
    Refreshments will be available at the venue.

    We hope to see you there and best of luck with all the prep.
    Apr 19, 2017