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Complete list of Tricks & Variables

Discussion in 'The Sesh' started by rTTn, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. rTTn

    rTTn Slayer

    Oct 11, 2016
    Denver, CO
    I'm starting a new project with the Kenbot over at KDS. While I work on putting together things that broke I could really use the communities help. I need this spreadsheet filled out and shared to the world.

    I need this posted everywhere. Your IG, Your FB (if someone could post it to FKC since I'm not allowed there, I will be soo grateful). There is a url shortened link below and a QR code that goes to the link. Blast it out there as often as you are willing. I would love to see this really come together so I can work on the next step of the project

    Haven't we discussed this before? We sure have. In this thread HERE, which will be useful for filing out the spreadsheet. This is a continuation of the idea and the groundwork for something for the Kenbot.

    What is this spreadsheet?The spreadsheet is a simple 2 column list based sheet. Left side is for tricks, right for variables. I have 3 columns for each side down to the 100th row ready to be filled out

    What are we filling out? I need every singular trick and variable the community can think of. Singular meaning one. so lunar flip is two different things. Lunar being the trick and the flip being the variable.

    What are these levels? The levels are the 12 KWC levels broken down into 4 groups.
    Levels 1-3 are Beginner tricks/variable
    Levels 4-6 are Intermediate tricks/variables
    Levels 7-9 are Advanced tricks/variables
    Levels 10-12 are Expert tricks/variables

    How do I know what level something is? Your best guess is all I ask and then the community can comment/discuss what level something is either through the spreadsheet comment system, This Downspike thread, the R/Kendama thread, or of course in KDS.

    Is this a trick or a variable? The above answer applies here.

    What if different names exist for a trick? Please post the more common name and any other alias' in parentheses EX:

    What if you didn't answer my question in this post? I'm always pretty available through the discord (@rttn#3409) but I will answer any questions I end up seeing here, on reddit, or in my or the KDS' Instagram DM's (@rttncraft & @kendiscord)

    OK, So where is this link?

    or scan the QR code posted on the IG

    Jun 12, 2019
  2. rTTn

    rTTn Slayer

    Oct 11, 2016
    Denver, CO
    So we were having a discussion about "Around" over on KDS and I'd like to see some other opinions

    are "Arounds" tricks or variables. This is a start of a topic that will be an issue for some stuff that seems to blur the line of trick/variable because of their ability to truly be both. Another example of this is Tama Turn. Tama turn by itself would be considered a single trick (if you are starting from the ken already in the posistion). You can also use tama turn as a variable to another trick. EX: Lighthouse tama turn.

    Here is how I boil it down. While there may be many kendama tricks. there are far more variables that can be added or stacked and strung together to create a combo line. Here is where "Arounds" can become particularly tricky. They are essentially a prebuilt combo line, but we consider it as a single trick with a start and finish.
    Jun 13, 2019
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