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Dendama Japan Cup 2019 - over $30,000 in prizes

Discussion in 'The Sesh' started by goenKendama, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. goenKendama

    goenKendama Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 14, 2016
    Metro Manila, Philippines
    Did anyone else miss this? I knew about the event but didn't pay attention to the prizes until a pic hit my IG feed. If I'm not reading this incorrectly they just had a sleeper event with a much bigger payout than even last year's KWC. :eek: (yes I know the exchange rate would make it a bit less but still. . . )

    Aug 19, 2019
  2. htimSxelA

    htimSxelA Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 29, 2016
    I heard about this after it happened! Rod was there for it, and was obviously really going for the win, but apparently he got den-dama'd out somehow or another, he sounded kinda frustrated after the fact.

    Apparently DenDama has a little cafe spot rented out right on the big Shibuya crosswalk spot. Pretty cool that kendama has a spotlighted spot like that, hopefully they have some wooden models on sight too :cool:
    Aug 20, 2019