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FS — Another lot of some OG stuff Original LuzumakiXSweets

Discussion in 'DS Exchange' started by ChrisPChicken, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. ChrisPChicken

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    Dec 30, 2016
    Chicago--> Burbs
    1227561D-EAC3-4237-AFBE-A8D109A21C5B.jpeg It’s not over until I say it is !! More to clear out ...let me know if you’re interested
    Left to right top ...
    1. OG Rare custom Atlantic only a handful made and only 1 in each color ... $35
    2. Original First run in set .. Red rubber paint Luzumaki /Sweets colab ! $45
    3. Super limited 1/1 Bryan Hansen Custom (BHC) Red Pearl PokeBall Yumu Saturn $65
    4. BLK Kendama —> Red Satin Maple ! Rare
    Bought from HNL Kendama when released $40
    5/6 . Girr Painted Customs - Girr had many customs released through KUSA ! Amazing Work and insane paint than gets honed !! (One of the best painters out there ) $15 each ! ! ? !
    To all that have been looking at my posts ....... I am downsizing a vaulted collection ! Going after some really rares for my collection now and thinning out in general .
    Please just add $5 for the shipping in the USA ( most of the times it is more but I’ll eat the difference ....)
    I have made a ton of friends in the community and hope to keep doing so . I am on DownSpike as - ChrisPChicken and will crosspost there as well , you can look up or ask anyone about my selling/buying reputation ....I encourage it ! Honesty only ! Any questions , just ask , Come snag a OG custom ... Friend Chris
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    Oct 4, 2019