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FS: KUSA Pro Mods

Discussion in 'DS Exchange' started by ttocsic, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. ttocsic

    ttocsic Slayer

    Sep 28, 2017
    Atlanta, GA
    Need to clean out my collection. Open to offers. Additional pics and weights available upon request. I'll throw in an extra ken or tama plus some strings and stuff for the first few orders.

    In order:
    Nobu Nori Pro Mod tama, has a few small paint chips but plays great, 7/10 $10
    TJ Kolsenik Pro Mod, tama has a couple small paint chips so 8/10 for it and for the ken, I can't spot a blemish on the thing but I may have played it some so 9.5/10. Entire Setup: $25
    Wyatt Bray Pro Mod, In great condition and plays very well. 9/10 for both ken and tama. $27
    Last pic is just a pic of the TJ ken.
    PXL_20201117_130436302.jpg PXL_20201117_130441768.jpg PXL_20201117_130454224.jpg PXL_20201117_130501487.jpg PXL_20201117_130523512.jpg PXL_20201117_130536096.jpg PXL_20201117_130551137.jpg PXL_20201117_130603426.jpg
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    Nov 17, 2020