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FT/FS GT-NS Throwback and Krom

Discussion in 'DS Exchange' started by Ethan Flattery, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. Ethan Flattery

    Ethan Flattery n00b

    Nov 17, 2020
    Anybody wanna buy this GT-NS throwback? 45 shipped. (New to selling, offer another price if you like). Glued spike, seshed a fair amount but in good shape. Also down for trades!

    Also have a Krom 430 Trippers Mod. Would be down to let that go for $25 or trade. 338491BB-F554-4065-ADB7-48EBA735CB15.jpeg 6C6B9B6B-76FC-48C9-AFD1-65BBD23F51E0.jpeg 6B7F9C10-1236-4AFF-A94E-795F09351705.jpeg 20148330-1CA5-433C-AEF9-8B683BBCF243.jpeg
    Nov 19, 2020