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FT: Sweets, Craft and Sol

Discussion in 'DS Exchange' started by Facret, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Facret

    Facret n00b

    Apr 6, 2019
    Silicon Valley
    Hi guys, long time lurker here but I’m looking for one of the yellow luzumaki EVA tama in any condition. Looking to trade for one and willing to offer any of the set ups in my pictures, even if you think two set ups match the value. Most tamas are around 6-7/10 condition some worse some better

    Craft slim birch(colored cups)- ash tama
    Ash sol rubber cups
    Luzumaki boost ken- Cush spectra tama
    Maple big brother ken- sweets target tama

    Legaxis monoline
    Maple big brother tetra
    Satin walnut analog
    Raw ash San tama beeswaxed
    OG stodd tama E142B9DD-44B7-4E38-A9DD-89A69EB8AA04.jpeg E142B9DD-44B7-4E38-A9DD-89A69EB8AA04.jpeg 1F351071-29BE-465C-AF6A-A98F44784889.jpeg C18F6ACB-2065-454E-85D6-0AA16D04214E.jpeg 80CFE098-3C1A-4947-85C7-82FA7D3F8416.jpeg BA6E3393-282E-496A-A7BE-98110CF459F0.jpeg 4355B281-086F-41EE-9DA8-91FC73CEA24B.jpeg C35FBD6C-7AA0-4B35-8197-8FF327EAB20A.jpeg 8E158645-01E6-4627-8280-D8F236DA5F99.jpeg

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    Jan 9, 2020
  2. Hyp0crisy

    Hyp0crisy n00b

    Jul 11, 2019
    Very interested in the sol collab
    Jan 20, 2020