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JKA Dan testing in Tokyo for Catch & Flow 2019 visitors

Discussion in 'The Sesh' started by goenKendama, Nov 30, 2019.

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    Oct 14, 2016
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    Catch & Flow is coming up next weekend, Dec. 7, and if you happen to be in Tokyo and would like to take the JKA test feel free to post here or on their website contact page (English).

    Currently the plan is to offer the tests on Friday Dec. 6 in Harajuku. If anyone visiting would be interested in a different day just let us know.

    Here is some additional information from a previous post:

    I received word from a JKA official about costs related to the tests. The test itself is free. It is the certificate, registration and annual membership components that require payment and those are optional. These are two examples he provides.

    Here are the costs if choosing to become a JKA member. (Dan fees are discounted)
    JKA membership fee 5,000 JPY
    1st dan 4,000 JPY
    2nd dan 6,000 JPY
    3rd dan 8,000 JPY
    4th dan 10,000 JPY
    5th dan 20,000 JPY
    So if you passed 4th dan, and wanted to register, you would pay:
    5,000+4,000+6,000+8,000+10,000=33,000 JPY

    Here are the costs if choosing not to become a JKA member. (Dan fees are not discounted)
    JKA membership fee 0 JPY
    1st dan 6,000 JPY
    2nd dan 9,000 JPY
    3rd dan 12,000 JPY
    4th dan 15,000 JPY
    5th dan 30,000 JPY
    So if you passed 4th dan, and wanted to register, you would pay:
    0+6,000+9,000+12,000+15,000=42,000 JPY

    Normally the JKA requires each Dan level to be completed before the next higher is attempted, the tests need 3 examiners to administer for Dan 1-5, and at least one month should have elapsed between attempts. In an effort to help foreign players achieve Dan ranks they have made some allowances and adjustments to their standard system in certain circumstances.

    *** If you only wish to take the Dan test(s) without registering your rank or joining the JKA membership then upon passing a given rank you will receive an A4 size form that states the level you passed. Hang on to that form. If you choose in the future to become registered and receive the corresponding Japanese certificate (pictured below) the associated fees would need to be paid.

    Dan Level Trick Table

    For reference Dan certs:
    Nov 30, 2019