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Kendama Flow Zone: Memphis Slayers Club

Discussion in 'Sessions' started by xplodit, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. xplodit

    xplodit Slayer

    Sep 23, 2017
    Hey DS community,

    I’m very excited to announce the Kendama Flow Zone: Memphis Slayers Club! Memphis finally has an online forum where Kendama enthusiasts can connect. Memphis already has huge communities of dancers, flow artists, and jugglers. Hopefully soon there will be a big Kendama community too!

    The KFZ is a resource where the Kendama enthusiasts of Memphis and the mid-south can connect and discover local events and jams. A goal of the KFZ is to help foster kendama awareness in the greater Memphis area, and demonstrate the value that kendama holds not only as a simple and fun wooden toy but as a tool for personal growth. “Improving yourself everyday,” is an essential element of the kendama-dō, the “way” or “path” of kendama, a concept described by John Geron of the Japan Kendama Association. “In Kendama-dō through practice you train your body and mind to move yourself higher, to become better; to be a person of not only of skill but integrity. Every activity from practicing and being taught to participating in a match are all considered training to cultivate yourself.” Discovering kendama is an enlightening experience, and hopefully the KFZ will facilitate a connection between Memphis and the global Kendama community.

    Thanks to all of the people that are helping make this happen and to anyone who wants to come out and have a kendama session. The meetups will be announced periodically in the public FB group and @Dama_Tommy on IG.

    Que les vaya bien!
    Oct 25, 2019
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