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Rare Grain theory , terra and sweets mugen for a steal

Discussion in 'DS Exchange' started by Joseph Miele, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Joseph Miele

    Joseph Miele Member

    Mar 2, 2018
    New York
    37E0841E-6DD6-4029-9643-D1AC6D59FB27.jpeg 4D61CC69-6C41-4B3F-BD1C-6FC0A06CCF18.jpeg
    gt maple tall boy $50

    Gt ka americano no lunar hole (1 of 2 that I know of) 9.8/10 $120

    Gt-stodd French press w/ Cush HG v3 splice Tama $75

    Gt-ka maple w/ original maple Tama and KMPLS xl Cush Tama $60

    Sweets x mugen wine 9.8/10 $50

    Terra prefect skateply $90

    If no answer on here DM me on IG @dabcity_thebasement914 for faster response
    Aug 7, 2019
  2. Raider_Aegis

    Raider_Aegis n00b

    Mar 31, 2019
    What's the condition on the KA Maple x MPLS tama?
    Aug 8, 2019
  3. Facret

    Facret n00b

    Apr 6, 2019
    any chance you would sell just the tall boy ken?
    Aug 16, 2019