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Alex Mitchell X Zach Magnuson Kendama Edit

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Alex Mitchell (Sol Street Team) and Zach Magnuson (formerly on Atlantic Kendamas) teamed up at MKO 2017 to make a sick doubles edit! Some of these tricks are next level, you don't want to miss out on this edit!
Alex Mitchell:
Instagram: @alexmitchellkendama
Alex has been repping Sol Kendamas for a LONG time. You can scroll down his Instagram to see just how long. He finally got picked up when Sol dropped their 2017 Team Edit and announced him as a part of their new Street Team.
Since then, Alex has been steadily lacing straight BANGERS. One of the tricks he's bringing back (yeah he used to do these back in 2016, no big deal) is the Solar Flare. What's a Solar Flare? An upside down Boarder's Balance. Yes, you read that correctly. Balancing the tama on the spike of the ken. Insanity. This is just one of the many tricks that Alex has in his arsenal, so I would definitely recommend checking out his Instagram to see what kind of bangers he laces next.

Zach Magnuson:
Instagram: @zbmags77
You might remember Zach from the 2016 MKO when he famously *first try* yanked his trophy after placing first in the Yank Competition. It has been dubbed The Golden Yank and will forever be remembered in kendama history. If you haven't seen what I'm talking about, you've been under a rock!
Zach has been a part of Atlantic Kendamas since September of 2015 after he won their sponsorship contest. After 2 years with the company, however, Zach has since announced on his Instagram that he's decided to part ways with the company to see what else the future holds for him.
Zach tried out for a spot on the Sol Kendamas Team back in the summer of 2015 when Sol hosted their Show Your Flow Contest. He made it to the second round of the video contest, but unfortunately didn't make the team. I personally was mind blown by both of his entries and thought he was a shoo-in for the team, click here for Round 1 and Round 2. With this in mind and the fact that Zach is a free agent, could he be one of the new members of Sol Kendamas? We'll just have to wait and see!

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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  • Sam Strohmyer
    Sam Strohmyer

    that insta inwards lighthouse combo melted my face. sick edit.