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KROM Kendama US

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Do you live in the US? Love KROM? Want a freshie? You're in luck, KROM Kendama's US-based webshop is live!
KROM Kendama US is online now
Get your KROM faster than ever!
Best 'damas in the game, shop today from our US based warehouse.
World champ owned and endorsed.
By players for players.

Posted by: Keeks

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  • Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Best kendama ad ever. This should be a youtube ad.
  • poncho151

    I was so happy to see this pop up when it did and knowing Black Friday was right around the corner. I just copped 4 damas during the crazy deals they had. That all said, has anyone ordered and received it? Just wondering how long they generally takes, it says 3 to 7 days. Also any idea where the new North American headquarters/facility is? Bottom line is its so sick to be able to order them direct without the shipping nightmare!!!