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Kendama USA Presents - KUSA JPN 2017

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Enjoy some tricks from the KUSA squad during this year's Kendama World Cup!!

The Kendama USA team ventured out to Japan yet again for the 2017 Kendama World Cup. This time around, the KUSA Tribe members made a huge impact through out the trip. For some, it was their first time experiencing the biggest contest of the year. For others, it was a stepping stone to see the beautiful countryside of Japan again, and compete with the top level players from all over the world. We are proud to present, KUSA JPN 2017. Enjoy friends.

Kendama by: Wyatt Bray Dylan Westmoreland Jake Wiens Tj Kolesnik Nobu Nori Gavin Harvey Logan Tosta Joris Schweppe Alex Smith Shot By: Tj Kolesnik Jake Wiens Wyatt Bray Joris Schweppe
Directed / Edited by: Tj Kolesnik
Huge thank you to: Jeremy Stephenson Tamotsu Kubota Yukka Hyuga Hajime Ishibashi Kazuma Iwata Kota Kagoshima

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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  • Jasper B.
    Jasper B.

    How did they get that last shot of Joris on the peninsula thing?
  • Congarranza

    Drone footage is so nice and precise!!
  • Vuong Thai
    Vuong Thai

    Dude kusa squad for best editing I swear always with freshest line! Props to TJ for edit !!