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CATCH AND FLOW 2017 Full Recap - Sweets Kendamas

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Did you miss out on going to Catch & Flow like I did? Well here's a full recap of the event, courtesy of the man Max Norcross! He even included the specific times for the runs in the video, what a boss! Thanks Norx! Also, congrats to the new Sweets Japan members So and Kengo!
Our very own Max Norcross, Nick Gallagher, Matt Sweets and newly added family members So Kanada and Kengo Kawamura travelled to Tokyo for the Freestyle Kendama World Championships. This is one of the most hyped events of the whole year. Shoutout to everyone who gave it their all on the stage! See you next year!
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3:40 So & Kengo announced as SWEETS!
4:24 Nick G vs. Yutaro Fukushima
6:25 RodDama vs. Nic Stodd
8:04 Thorkild May vs. Taiga Ogawa
9:35 Rolf vs. Bonz Atron
12:33 Wyatt Bray vs. Naoki Imori
12:56 Nobu Nori vs. Yukie Yao
16:12 Ben Matsek vs. Maharu Tashiro
17:53 Hiroto Motohashi vs. So Kanada
19:30 RodDama vs. Nick G.
21:39 Thorkild May vs. Bonz Atron
23:51 Nobu Nori vs. Imori
25:41 ben Matsek vs. So Kanada
28:34 Nick G. vs. Bonz Atron
31:35 Nobu Nori vs. So Kanada
35:22 Nick G. vs. Nobu Nori
40:40 Bonz Atron vs. So Kanada
Music By DJ Panic and WAVE
Edit by Max Norcross

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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