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Downspike Community Edit 3

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Just in time for the holidays, here's the third installment of the Downspike Community Edit! Such an honor to pick up the editing mantle this time, and i hop...

Posted by: azleonhart

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  • Vuong Thai
    Vuong Thai

    Let’s goo!!! I’ve been waiting for this to drop!!! So hyped
  • Jacob Watts
    Jacob Watts

    Thanks so much for putting three of my clips in there
  • Qonnor

    Sooooo dope!! So proud to be in this. Thank you so much for putting this together!
  • Instagrom3

    whoa shout out to the man colin sander with the song/ edit that inspired a generation
  • Guy LaBorde
    Guy LaBorde

  • ttocsic

    why did you have to put me after @Nick Lectura?
    jk, great editing!
  • TheWickEffect

    Nice work @azleonhart! Had so much fun watching this and stoked to be a part of it! Thank you for putting this together!
  • Keeks
  • James Hoang
    James Hoang

    Solid editing and great song choice! Definitely a lot of slayage in this vid!
  • Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Awesome work Azrin!!! So stoked!!! <3
  • nikki_deo
  • xplodit

    Great job everybody!!!
  • Aaron Gallegos
    Aaron Gallegos

    Awesome submissions and editing! Love how you laced a doubles line with the Petronas Twin Towers in the background!
  • Cheech_Sander

    I gotta defend my not lacing the TJ backflip to j-stick by saying I had 6 stitches in my back and the top one kind of ripped after that first try to I decided to cool it on flips haha
  • Mason Stinson
    Mason Stinson

    Thank you for putting me in edit! I was hype on my trick and glad I got to share it with everyone