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Whirlwind Iceland!!

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This video is from my trip around the ring road and westfjords of Iceland. It is meant to showcase the beautiful scenery around the country through kendama. This will be the first part of a mini series I am creating to show off beautiful places around the world.
It was fun to not worry about landing some crazy line at every cool location, but to just land a single trick. Enjoy!!!

Next up is Lake Tahoe!
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Posted by: Jess Latta

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  • Cheech_Sander

    1:54 looked exactly like Devil's postpile in mammoth
  • J-Swish

    Looks like an amazing place! Good stuff my dude!
  • Jess Latta
    Jess Latta

    Cheech I thought the same thing!
    Thanks Joey!
    And thanks for the feature stoked to be here haha
  • Steph Lussier
    Steph Lussier

    That's awesome!