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28 Tricks Later | Nick Lectura

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Aye what up Downspike, I also participated in the 28 Tricks Later challenge but I wanted to make an edit out of the tricks I laced instead of uploading to Instagram. Give it a watch!
Some of the tricks in here are actually pretty cool. Some are ones that I obviously settled on. It's whatever though, some days have two tricks so that should make up for the soft ones.

The kendama I used is the Play Kendama Pro II Recpaint by the way, won it from a friend and figured this challenge would be a good time to try it out!

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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  • Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Solid work, Nick!
  • Sirwillcode

    Day 22 was dope with the blinds and the lighting. Sick tricks dude. And what better way end a trick with no spike than just a casual trade handlestall. No biggie. Haha. Well done.
  • Etxan Rxe Dxma
    Etxan Rxe Dxma

    What dama is that, are you sponsored by them?
  • Terb

    I feel like somebody HAS to complement the music choice.

    <3 tame impala
  • johndmc

    Loving this edit nick, day 19 I think was my favourite one. Also loving that some one else likes use play ▶ damas