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Kendama USA - GAME OF KEN! - Wyatt Bray vs Dylan Westmoreland

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Finally - GAME OF KEN - Wyatt Bray vs D Westy!

Arguably the most BIG DOG game of K.E.N ever recorded. For real.. Wyatt vs Dwesty, Scags on commentary & Alex Smith as special ref!

Comment below who you think is taking the W before you watch! We are SUPER hyped to drop this game!!!


Posted by: Bryan Scagline

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  • Vuong Thai
    Vuong Thai

    Who takes it ????? Oh man this is a hype one no doubt
  • James Hoang
    James Hoang

    I'm placing my bets on Wyatt rn

    Also, what if the censor for curse words was the airhorn sound from Jake and Dave's ken game?
  • ttocsic

    what are the setups?
  • Ricky Røge
    Ricky Røge

    the trick at wyatt does at 9 minutes. does that really count for a insta flip these days?