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Nice Necklace! - Kendama film by George Marshall

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This is such a great video. As someone who is currently editing their final project for a video production class, I really appreciate all of the time, planning, and effort that George put into this video. He was filming a ton at Sakura Classic and it's great to see it paid off. It inspires me to want to go and play kendama even more now! Definitely give this a watch and refer people to this video that may want to learn more about kendama. Great job George!
George Marshall’s final project for his film production class was to make any video he wanted, no requirements. So naturally, he made a kendama documentary.
“I wanted to make a video geared towards anyone who doesn’t know what kendama is all about. It explains what it is, why I like it, and where it’s gotten me. Focusing on the community aspect of kendama was my goal because that’s what is really important to me. Thank you to everyone who helped film in San Francisco and anyone who has ever supported my kendama addiction. I’ve been wanting to make a movie like this for years now so I worked really hard on this project and am excited for everyone to see it!”

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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  • Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    So good! Showing this to all my friends who are curious about Kendama.