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#DSGS JKA style edit

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Here is a little edit I made with the JKA style concept of JKA approved dama with 2-finger string length. Worked pretty hard on it, so I hope you enjoy. Used a natty Tk with 2 finger string throughout.

Posted by: ttocsic

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  • ttocsic

    Don't ask why I'm glowing at 1:42.
  • James Hoang
    James Hoang

    Don't worry; you're just glowing with PASSION
  • TheWickEffect

    Nice work man! This is dope!
  • lategreat808

    What was your string length?
  • sammelkorn

    Very cool man! I can’t do most of these tricks on my new school kendamas!!
  • sammelkorn

    How does it feel to go back to one other kendamas?
  • Ochee3

    Way to go dude!! :D Solid tricks
  • ttocsic

    Thanks for the support everyone! @lategreat808, it was 6-7 fingers, did I not make that obvious? @sammelkorn to be honest, after I fimled this, I went to Ecuador and the only dama I brought was a red Tk, so I still haven't really switched I guess. But it is nice to play with a longer string definitely, because it doesn't tangle and stuff nearly as easily.
  • Jonathon Palermo
    Jonathon Palermo

    This was dope bro!!!
  • Cheech_Sander

    Winner winner chicken dinner!