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Kendama Wizardry | Haley Bishoff & Wyatt Bray (2015)

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This vid was shot back in 2015 shortly before Wyatt won KWC. If you really wanna know why it's just being released now, go to YouTube and check out the channel this video is posted on, he said he'll elaborate it in a later video.

This is such a cool edit, I think it does a really good job of showcasing how epic kendama can be. There's some beautiful shots in there as well as some criiiispy slowmo. Yes the tricks are by no means the hardest, but I think if you were to show this video to a new kendama player or someone who's mildly interested, they would definitely be stoked on it.

Also, I wish my camera could handle that kinda frame rate lol

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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  • James Hoang
    James Hoang

    Damn...well it definitely got me stoked! The slo-mo just made all the tricks so much better!
  • ahdama

    This is phenomenal, both the edit and the tricks. Bish and Bray edits need to happen more often.