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Kendama USA Presents - Zack Yourd Edit #7

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A message from Yourd -

Edit #7 is special. It not only encompasses innovative kendama play, but also tells a story that is dear to my heart. As I leave my beloved hometown of Pittsburgh and transplant to Denver, one chapter ends and a new begins. In it's entirety, this edit was filmed chronologically over the span of 2 years. The tricks captured were methodically composed to showcase the endless possibilities and aesthetic appeal that I find in kendama. Being dormant from a full length solo edit, I accepted nothing but perfection and pushed myself like never before.

Posted by: Bryan Scagline

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  • Nick Lectura
    Nick Lectura

    This edit is just wow. Pure wow.
  • Cheech_Sander

    So much feels with the last song. Also love the string spike snag, throwback
  • htimSxelA

    yeeeeeee yourd!
  • Jewbacca

    If you didn't tier up during this edit your an animal
  • P0WAH0USE!

    “I accepted nothing but perfection”
    ...well I’d say so. Holy moly, man.