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Kendama USA - Team Edit - July 2018

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KUSA TEAM EDIT JULY !!! This edit was inspired by arcade style gaming and heavy retro vibes. The team went IN, AGAIN melting in the H O T summer!!! QUESTION -Did YOU grow up watching VHS tapes or were you straight to dvd? Wanna see where the OG's are! Music - Super Mario World - Game Over (extended) @remixgodsued Edited - Scags (MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: My comp was literally glitching because of all the editing which is why you see at the "Select Your Player" screen WYATT -RAY ,HALEY -ISHOFF , NO -UNORI , ETC. I left it in because the whole concept of this edit was an old glitchy arcade gamey feel so I felt it was appropriate! - Bryan) -much respect nerds.

Posted by: Bryan Scagline

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  • Jewbacca

    Love the select player idea funny and fun. Can't choose my favorite clip