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Kengarden Roots Tour 2013 WORLD PREMIERE @ 6pm PST

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Tune in 10/21 @ 6pm PST (9pm EST) to watch the video and LIVE CHAT with the pros!

The Kengarden Roots Tour was something special. Something that everyone dreams of. That perfect summer with all of your friends traveling the west coast, FEEDING off of each others energy, no sleep, laughing, and playing kendama. Watch how these players paved the way for what we know as kendama today.

-much respect

Posted by: Bryan Scagline

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  • Cheech_Sander

    15 mins til kickoff!
  • Jewbacca

    This is amazing
  • htimSxelA

    Sooo good! Happy this is live, the KG Tour was legendary. Mad love to Wiens, and everyone else that was along for the ride <3
  • Bryan Scagline
    Bryan Scagline

    Yea this was insane for sure. SO glad it lives online now... everyone - take notes!
  • Aric Bukiri
    Aric Bukiri

    So awesome