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The Last Cereal Kendama Ever

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From Jonathan Jabez Lee-Rappa over on FKC:

TLDR// Cereal Kendama is closing, final drop now.

Black Friday was the start of Cereal Kendama, and we feel that it is appropriate to mark the beginning of the end of Cereal Kendama.

We thank you for all the support these past 3 years. You have made our dreams come through. The people we met will be friends for life, you know who you are.

We have made one last kendama. A celebration of our passion. Live now, until our website shuts when stocks run out.

We hope you can join us on the final leg of the journey. By no means does this mean we stop playing kendama, we just move on to become players rather than business owners. And that is where our true passion lies.

Posted by: goenKendama

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