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Kendama USA presents - The Mateo PLUS Pro Model

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Dave Mateo Releases the Mateo Plus. Bigger Dama Bigger Dreams.

"Stay true to yourself and do what you believe, you will find you can do more than you have ever imagined. Kendama has given many of us on the KUSA TEAM once in a lifetime opportunities. I feel extremely fortunate and grateful to continue working with Jero, KUSA and our amazing TEAM/FAMILY. Through every experience. It is important for us to learn and grow from every situation wether good or bad. KAIZEN is real. I've learned so much more about myself that I did not know through the 9 years of playing this wooden skill toy. From good, bad, and even ugly.

Always remember why you started playing Kendama and specifically how it made you feel when you first stumbled upon it. This game grows through each and every one of us. This skill toy can be a life tool if you choose to treat it as such. For me it's not just a skill toy. It's a mind set and way of life. I think it is easy to forget how powerful our actions are through influencing on social media. Let's continue to grow this game and community through LOVE and JOY.

#MateoPLUS #dreamdama #catchyourdreams #spikehardcatchlow #shcl

Filmed & Edited : Aldrin Eseque

Posted by: DaveMateo

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