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Sandpoint kendama - Colin Hislop and Sam Cannon

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The dama Skills and editing speaks for itself!!
Gotta see it : O

Posted by: Ochee3

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  • Cheech_Sander

    so crazy how those goats came right up to you!
  • Colin Hislop
    Colin Hislop
  • Colin Hislop
    Colin Hislop

    @Ochee3 thank you for sharing! Much love. Hope you all enjoy, had a wonderful time creating this edit!
  • Luke J.
    Luke J.

    This is so sick! Was that at the top of Schweitzer? I’m in CDA and come to Sandpoint pretty regularly for biking and skiing. It would be rad if we could collab for a quick dama edit!
  • ThePervySage

    I live in rathdrum it would be an honor if I could come slay with you guys sometime