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Donald Grant "LawnDon WUnderground" edit

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Sorry for the delay! Finally released from the limbo of Pete's hard drive. Strange and quirky stuff as usual; particularly chuffed at finally getting the tama-between-the-strings scissor catch on film :) Enjoy!

Posted by: Donald Grant

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  • Ochee3

    Way to go donald dude your tricks are on another level!!!
    my favorites were 4:58 with the pull back to hand balance thing
    and that last one at 6:51 with the arm roll!?! Crazy awesome man keep shredding!
  • htimSxelA

    That was awesome! So much good new stuff, as usual

    I would have thought 'chuffed' was not a desirable thing to be. TIL :p
  • Jewbacca

    That’s a fun edit!
  • Paul Sayer
    Paul Sayer

    this is goals!