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Kendama USA - CREEP IT REAL Tour

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The Kendama USA - CREEP IT REAL TOUR is here!!! Kendama USA’s FIRST Halloween tour, ever! Jump in the van with Wyatt Bray, Dylan Westmoreland, Nobu Nori, Bryan Scagline, Zach Magnuson, and Jewbacca as they creep from Minnesota - all the way to Atlanta Georgia!

Special shout out to everyone who came out to the jams! Be sure to comment below the spots, tricks, and moments ya'll we're feeling most!

Posted by: Bryan Scagline

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  • Bryan Scagline
    Bryan Scagline

    LETS GOOOOO! Super hyped with the way this video came out! Much love to all that came out and to Kendama USA for making it happen! YEE!!
  • juhn

    Now this... Is epic
  • Jewbacca

    One of the greatest adventures in my life ! hope we can recreate it again
  • Roxx_rosin

    Hell yea thats too dope