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Tim Mellen - Kendama Edit One: "A Moment Apart"

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Over the past couple months we've all spent many moments apart from one another; friends, family, and loved ones. However, it's in times like these that we are truly drawn to what brings us life and enjoyment when we can't share these joys with others. Over the past month or so I've decided to collect videos, pictures and memories to share with others what brings me life while we spend so many moments apart from one another. This edit has brought me an immense amount of joy, togetherness, and learning over the past month and has allowed me to truly appreciate and experience all the gifts God has given me and others in my life. I want to especially thank everyone in my life who has gotten me to this point and who helped make this edit happen. This one is for you guys. Much Love. Praise God. Sko Buffs.

Posted by: Tim Mellen

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