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The Incredible History of *Tapping* a Kendama

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If I got any of the taps wrong, please let me know! I did my best to double check but I definitely could have missed some. Check out my talk with Tiblex - we also talk about how it feels to tap that much, if 30 tap is possible, and more.

Follow Lotus Kendamas on Instagram: @lotuskendamas Follow Isaac on Instagram: @isaac_tama Kendama is a skill-toy originating from Japan.

Kendama is used to express creativity. Use the ken (wooden stick), the tama (ball), and the string to create tricks. Lotus Kendamas views Kendama is a tool to develop human potential.

Lotus Kendama's mission is to spread the value of Kendama. Our designs and shapes are reflective on the beauty of this game and its progression. Our goal is to share Kendama with everyone in the world.

Posted by: goenKendama

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