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Grain Theory - fallin50

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fallin50 is the documentation of the fall season through 50 spikes of the kendama. The entire video is shot with only using the 50mm lens. Shot by, edited by, directed by, and staring Jake Wiens.

From Jake The fall is my favorite time of year with out a doubt. I call it "magic season". It is the season of change. This year way more than the weather and leaves have changed in my life. From the loss of my Grand Mother to the birth of my son owen 6 days later my life has for sure changed. This project allowed me to focus on the moment while everything around me changes. Holding hands with Isla walking through the woods, focusing hard on a kendama trick, and finding that perfect shot were all ways of living in the moment.

Why 50mm lens? The 50mm is a lens that allows me to bring my subject to the front and blur the rest. With kendama I find this to be important. I also find it important when telling a story. I want you to take note of each leaf, each trick, each drop of rain, and be able to feel as if you are there.

This fall has not been easy for me. I'm sure it has been difficult for others as well. The fall also reminds me that change is inevitable. Every year the leaves will fall just as every year they will come back. It's important to find the beauty in change and use it to evolve.

The music. Rufus Du sol - Innerbloom. This song has been in my headphones for a very very long time. I am happy to be able to use it to fully express my vision for this video. Thank you all for watching. -Jake wiens

Posted by: goenKendama

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