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GAME OF KEN - Tj Kolesnik vs Dylan Westmoreland

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Games of Ken are always fun to play. Whether it's a competitive game with your best dama friend or a game of pure fun trying to learn each others tricks, the outcome will only be one winner. Tj Kolesnik and Dylan Westmoreland got together one Saturday afternoon to jam Kendama all day. They decided to play a full 'game of K-E-N-D-A-M-A.'

This is a great game to play with 2 people or even a group of 4 to 5 players. Just like P-I-G in basketball, playing K-E-N has the same rules. 1 chance to lace a trick. 2 chances to match the opponents trick. 3rd try or prove it on the last and final letter.

Who else should match up against each other? I want to see some intense games here

Posted by: teejkolesnik

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