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Kendama USA Presents - The Make Waves World Tour - Tj Kolesnik

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Kendama USA is happy to release The Make Waves World Tour with Tj Kolesnik.

Over the summer of 2016, Tj embarked on a six week journey across the world, touring to multiple countries, cities and states, upon his newest #MakeWaves Pro Model being released. Starting in Japan, he trekked to counties like Singapore, Sweden, Canada and the United States. Each day brought a new crowd of eager Kendama players, fun and exciting experiences and memories that will last forever.

We hope you enjoy this full documentary style / video piece Tj shot during his trip. With the help from all of you, Tj was able to turn his dream into a reality.

Posted by: teejkolesnik

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  • Ian McDonell
    Ian McDonell

    That's me from 14:02 - 14:20
  • Allen Joshua Santamaria
    Allen Joshua Santamaria

    Aye its me at 24:17!! Teej you have done an amazing job putting this world tour all together, and truly a masterpiece! Thank you for inspiring every dama player that exists all around the world! Lets keep making waves!!!
  • connor sullivan
    connor sullivan

    Sick video TJ!
  • Javin Knisely
    Javin Knisely

  • DSang326

    Killin it teej ❤ keep spreading the love bro!
  • EWiens

    Fantasic. I love seeing kids of all skill levels landing tricks they are stoked on. Stoke, not skill, is what makes a good edit.