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Dave Mateo - Daily Lace 23

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Daily Lace 23! I'm loving @KendamaUSA new Kaizen Craft shape. Here's my trick of the year. I'm not usually one to ask but comment below some tricks you would like to see me attempt. I'll do my best to lace em for ya.

#dailylace #shcl #spikehardcatchlow #spikehardcatchlowsociety #wetheteam #kaizencraft #kaizen #catchyourdreams #dreamdama #kendamausa

Posted by: DaveMateo

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  • Cheech_Sander

    caught low
  • Javin Knisely
    Javin Knisely

    So honed
  • EWiens

    I like trick like this that have a "plan". Nice work! You asked for it, so here is something that would be cool for you to try: maybe combine around-the tama tricks and juggles? like juggle airplane, juggle light house, juggle lunar? sprinkle in ken flips and slingers as needed ...
  • MPG866