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Kendama Edmonton Miniedit 11

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Throwback Thursday in here!

KE 11 was filmed on a road trip I took with Ben and Kristin down to Seattle, for the original Battle In Seattle competition. We also spent a few days chilling with the homies in Wenatchee afterwards, all in all it was an awesome time!
Fun fact: I had met the entire Tribute team prior to joining the KenUSA team, but the Battle in Seattle trip was when I met the pro team (Colin, Yourd, Turner), and the owner of KenUSA for the first time face-to-face!

Enjoy our kendama adventures, from ~4.5 years ago.

Posted by: htimSxelA

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  • Kendmonds Jr.
    Kendmonds Jr.

    This edit was one of the ones that really got me into dama. BIS needs a resurgence, we need more mini edits and damn is dama cool. Bringing back some OG good times feels here Alex. From Edmonds to Edmonton
  • patricking

    Edmonton edits are some of the best kendamas videos of all time. Love them, so inspirationals!
  • BallardKROM

    Woah! it's me.
  • Bryan Scagline
    Bryan Scagline

    talk about OG DANG!