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Downspike Community Edit #1

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Okay guys here it is. First time doing something like this so I hope it is okay. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone or get anyone's name wrong. If you sent multiple clips I probably just used one. Let's make the next one even better (quality and quantity!)

Posted by: Ben Lowe

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  • James Hoang
    James Hoang

    This was actually a pretty good edit! I enjoyed the editing for this, and I kinda hope to see more!
  • Sigvard

    Great job Ben!
  • Instagrom3

    yo..... when is the next DSCE? must get in, was a sick edit
  • Gasiek
  • Ting.Kut
  • quacktaped

    great edit :)
  • Avry K
    Avry K

    That was amazing, I hope all future #communityedits are that good!
  • Cheech_Sander

    Nice work! stoked for round two
  • 7Cabbages

    That was so fun! Tons of awesome clips.
  • Aric Bukiri
    Aric Bukiri

    Ya this was awesome cant wait for the second edit
  • Jess Latta
    Jess Latta

    Damn guys everybody killed it!! Nice work Ben!
  • Jendama Sweetpickles
  • Tyler Kucera
    Tyler Kucera

    Such a cool edit idea!
  • Ben Lowe
    Ben Lowe

    @Instagrom3 I'm thinking of doing the next one for April/May, so the submission period for clips would be the last week of May. But that would give everyone a solid almost 2 months to get a really good clip or 2 that they'd like to share. I'll probably end up making a new thread about it (because continuing the old thread would start to get confusing) within the next week or so.
  • StixStickly

    Great edit! Love the diversity of tricks and abilities! That's what kendama is all about!
  • bonerkid

    That was f*cking awesome, for real. Most def gonna land a trick for the next one!
  • Caleb Fox
    Caleb Fox

    Thanks for including me in this one man! I cant wait for the next one!!! Keep these popping off!
  • Jack Harris
    Jack Harris

    Sick edit! What editing software did you use @Ben Lowe?
  • Ben Lowe
    Ben Lowe
  • Jack Harris
    Jack Harris
  • htimSxelA

    This was so rad! Ahh I need to get a clip in for the next one
  • J-Swish

    Great job Ben!! Def getting in on the next one!
  • Cheech_Sander

    I can't get over the variety of tricks and locations. Great job everybody.
  • Koisuru Stephen
    Koisuru Stephen

    Thanks for putting this together! It came out great!
  • Almostgets

    Great edit. Lots of work you put in. Thanks for that Ben. Some good slayers out there
  • Damafred

    Dope man!
  • DaKaiz3nWizard

    @noah that was insane! Nice job Ben!☺
  • Joel Clayton
    Joel Clayton

    Super awesome edit! hope I can get in the next one!
  • Edric Owen Ladera
    Edric Owen Ladera

    man, didn't even done my version of this edit. i also feel defeated X< good edit @Ben Lowe you make this one really neat. i'll keep my eyes peeled for the next community edit, swear
  • Josh Rininger
    Josh Rininger

    This is so sick!!!
  • yung_green

    I'll def contribute to the next edit
  • AndreSRT

    Nice :))
  • Cheech_Sander

    stoked that this is the top video all-time on DS