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2017 Sol Kendamas Team edit

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2017 vid. 4 new players that rip! KD and Allie with gnarly tricks, will scheibe is still bald and Chad is no where to be found.. Enjoy

Posted by: Lyndon Whalen

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  • SnipesDama

    Crazy that a year ago you were telling me how much you wanted to advance to the pro team, and you've levelled up a lot since then! Much deserved. Keep putting Georgia on the map and killing it at what you do man
  • damon

    This whole edit is so dank, but nothin beats my boi finally nabbing that pro spot.
  • Congarranza

    Congrats on the pro spot!!
  • lategreat808

    That last trick dough.
  • quacktaped

    great edit
  • Chad Covington
  • 7Cabbages

    That street team is disgusting (in the good way). Alex Mitchell is one of my favorite players right now and that trick was sick
  • DaKaiz3nWizard

    Dank edit insanew combo from Allie & what was first song?
  • Joel Clayton
    Joel Clayton

    My BOYSS Junior and Alex making the team!! congrats guys!
  • Joel Clayton
    Joel Clayton

    And congrats Lyndon on finally going PRO!!
  • Steezdiaz

    Wowww. So many bangers in here. Awesome stuff guys!