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Bryan Scagline "ROAM" Las Vegas, NV

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Scags finds himself on the back roads of NV/ entering the Valley of Fire NV during an of day from the 2017 Toy Fest West. "This edit is powerful in itself with the visuals / isn't often I get to enjoy kendama in such an epic location- I had to keep the tricks chill to fully push and see everything"- bryan)

Get lost in the landscapes that the VOF has to offer and watch Bryan as he ventures out with playful tricks on the untamed valley.


much respect.

Posted by: Bryan Scagline

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  • Joel Clayton
    Joel Clayton

    Very dope video, the scenery is something else.
  • amagad

    Yes, great video, very insoirational! Background music should be "fly like an eagle" by Seal with that jacket swaying in the wind slomo.
  • Iamdjpanic

    Classic swag Lmao ...
    Good ish bro bro
  • Jess Latta
    Jess Latta

    Man you make Nevada deserts look like a vacation spot! Sick edit!
  • Haley Bishoff
    Haley Bishoff

    So aesthetic <3
  • James Hoang
    James Hoang

    How come whenever KUSA films at this general location, a dama is always lost by accidentally dropping it off the ledge?
  • Ben Lowe
    Ben Lowe

    That wind looked insane! Nice job fighting through it, I usually just give up with the wind is raging like that. Incredible shots by the way, really enjoyed the whole thing. :)
  • PoncedeLeon

    One of the dopest looking edits ever
  • Steezdiaz

    Dang, such an epic spot!
  • Steph Lussier
    Steph Lussier

    That was refreshing