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DOWNSPIKE Community Edit 2

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I took on the task of creating the 2nd ever Downspike Community Edit, here is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!

ALSO: If I used your clip in this edit, you were automatically entered into a random giveaway! With that being said, the two winners are:

1. @Brandon McCormick
2. @cpthangover

Joseph and Brandon, please message your addresses to the @Dæmon for your prizes!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a clip!

Posted by: Nick Lectura

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  • Congarranza

    @Nick Lectura excellent editing!!! Thanks for taking this task and making a gem of it! Shout out to all the members that participated; keep it up y'all!!
  • cpthangover

    That was awesome. Thank you so much for putting this all together!
  • Brandon McCormick
    Brandon McCormick

    wow!!! awesome!!!
  • Cheech_Sander

    Great job Nick! I think we are going to shift to a seasonal community edit from now on (4x a year) and give each one a 'theme'
  • Keeks
  • Cosmosisjones

    dude this is so rad!!
  • Cosmosisjones

    my name is cosmisisjones tho not cosmoisjones but it's all good, i loved the way you edited the two angles on me and my brothers shot :)
  • Nick Lectura
    Nick Lectura

    thanks everybody!

    duuude fuck I went over spelling like 3 times, I really thought I got away with no spelling errors this time, my bad. I was even saying "cosmosisjones" while editing on Monday because I realized it was like Osmosis Jones. thanks for giving me two angles though, I was pleasantly surprised
  • Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol

    Gang gang!!!

    Kudos to @Nick Lectura and the rest of the Downspike community for this! :D
  • TheWickEffect

    Siiiiick! Nice work @Nick Lectura! Super rad to see everyone throwing down some tricks! Y'all are killing it! I think my favorite shot was @Congarranza holding it down hard on the Moshikame daddy style! (And that yank from @cpthangover )
  • rhysgoespeace

    Sick edit! My name is rhys, not ryhs, though! Thanks nick for putting it all together, was really cool to see everyone's tricks!
  • Gasiek

    It doesn't work in Poland :p
  • Mike Rendon
    Mike Rendon

    Really dope edit! I'll submit some clips for the next one! Everybody killed it. Made my morning coffee just that much better!
  • Cheech_Sander

    @Gasiek music rights blocked? or what?
  • Congarranza

    @cpthangover that yank was great!! I'm glad it was the only one in the edit.
  • Gasiek

    @Cheech_Sander "the video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds" :(
  • Nick Lectura
    Nick Lectura

    same, only yank submitted surprisingly enough
  • Nick Lectura
    Nick Lectura

    it's clear I need to quintuple check for spelling from now on :(
  • BingoBongo

  • Gasiek
  • Sigvard

    Unfortunatly this is blocked in my country (Switzerland) due to copyright content. Not cool :/
  • Sirwillcode
  • magicdamadude

    SO EPIC, can't wait for edit 3, definitely want to contribute next time!
  • Jonathon Palermo
    Jonathon Palermo

    Best edit I've seen yet!! Nice job Nick! Thanks for doing this.