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DS Night 8/22/17 Recap

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The first ever DS night attendees. Los Angeles, CA

Edit by Mikathee Tran @Mikathee
Words by Keanu Villaruel @Keeks
Photos by Kris Cabal @Kristoffer Cabal

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017 was the first ever Downspike Night at the LACMA urban lights in Los Angeles, CA. The Downspike team took over the biweekly LA Lights session to bring the community together for one awesome event featuring mini games, exclusive DS swag, Colin’s beard, and the premiere of the Downspike Community Edit 2! Local slayers around the LA area, Bay Area, and our good friends from KendamaOC attended the event and left with tons of prizes provided from our partners Terra, KROM, LunaTac, Lobros, and of course, Kendama USA.

DS night was blessed with TONS of special guests. Alex Smith flew down from Vancouver just for the event. Matt Ballard popped in to show off his new crustache. Kris Cabal from REZ kendama brought some of his masterpieces, EJ Williams provided the laughs and Shane from kendama OC was slaying as usual. One of the more memorable contests was a "big cup" contest, with Alex Smith calling out increasingly difficult variations of the humble big cup (Behind the back, under the leg, candlestick grip, etc). Attendees were able to sign up for DS on a tablet or on their phone, and everyone wore name tags repping their DS username. There was a new security guard working who was a little flustered by the event, but it went off without a hitch.

Here is a brief list of the mini-game winners:

  • Kendmonds Jr. wins the scooping goldfish contest
  • Steezy Steve and Maui win the first and second round of Alex Smith’s unique tricks contest
  • Moonglau wins the earth turn consistency contest
  • Maui wins the lighthouse flip consistency contest
  • Alex Hirota wins the contest for the Terra LBB
This marks the first of many Downspike Nights to come! let us know in this thread what city you want us to hit next.


Why weren't you at DS night?
Tell us in this thread or in the comments to this video.
The best excuse wins this Krom Noia and some swag from downspike.

Posted by: Dæmon

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  • Kendmonds Jr.
    Kendmonds Jr.

    Such a dope event! Super stoked to have made it out and seen all the homies! Definitely looking forward to more of these in the future! Keeks is the man
  • Congarranza

    This was an awesome night! Great vibes from everyone! I can't wait for the next one!
  • Gasiek

    I am really sad that I can't be on awesome events like this one :( I live in Poland and I spread kendama love wherever and whenever I can. I was even introducing kendama on international street art festival "BuskerBus". I hope my work will effect the increase of kendama players in Poland so we could make our own events :) I wish one day I will manage to fly to US and be on every kendama event that is possible to be <3 Spread dama love!
  • Chillan

    Couldn't make make it because I'm from the east coast, and was to busy lacing up bangers to buy a plane ticket:(
  • rTTn

    I would love to see the lights and jam there someday. Always cool stuff happening. I couldn't go because I was helpin kids get their lockers open for the first time, and tossin out all the trash from their new pencil packs. I'm a custodian for a middle school in my county. It's awesome because the kids don't know who Bonz is and for the time being me and my co-worker thats also hooked on dama (thanks to my addiction) are the coolest janitors ever. Unfortunately we are the unsung heros of the start of a school year, so time off isn't allowed at the start of school
  • ChrisPChicken

    No better excuse than being at work serving our community ...A 24 hour shift on the Engine of Fire Station 2 ! modestly ran - > 22 emergency calls .......not to mention ....we are in Illinois , over 1000 Lame miles away ..ha . Someday guys we'll make it to the coast with the boys and slay with ya ! So many friends that we met at MKO out there ! Stay safe peeps !! Chris ,Ethan , and Trevor
  • Dean Manning
    Dean Manning

    I live in Ohio and I already spent so much money on coldplay Kendrick Lamar and logic... couldn't buy a ticket to fly out
  • Isiah Duchesne
    Isiah Duchesne

    My dog ate my plane ticket, so maybe next year.
  • Ike Hoglund
    Ike Hoglund

    Well I coulded make it because number 1 my krom pop chipped so I could land those nasty bangers. Second my private jet couldent make it because it had to fly jake Paul some were instead of me, then my new shoes in the mail did not come, my adidas nmds x bape so I couldent of been in style at the event! Then my GoPro started on fire so I could film any thing why I was there. Then the last thing I had to make a quick diss track on rice gum.So that's my lame excuse of not making it. Maybe next time. Haha IG- ike_hogie
  • James Hoang
    James Hoang

    My mom doesn't let me go to kendama events because I need to study for high school. Even local ones like San Jo Slay are unavailable to me because of this.
  • Vincent Dimaya
    Vincent Dimaya

    Sorry I couldn't make it, I was too busy pre-licking all my dama bevels, kenditioning my speed string, and supergluing my damamod spinners. I take my setups seriously :p