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    Colin Sander takes us on a casual CRAFT x TEEJ session in Angeles National Forest in California. Blading, Bouldering, and Kendama are some of Colin's most loved hobbies, and good avenues for practicing the kaizen philosophy. Enjoy this raw edit and the soothing sounds of trying hard in the outdoors, and a few old guy Kendama tricks. Colin still loves to jam behind the scenes, and is in awe of how good the Kendama USA team, and the global community have become. Much Respect.

    More... May 9, 2020

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    Hello, this is my first time trying this kind of edit. Been really feeling the analog shape recently. Hope you guys enjoy. Took me a span of two days to land the tricks I wanted and then some. For this edit I wanted to use all the analog kendamas I currently had because since February’s 28trickslater I fell in love with these Kendamas. @analogkendamas #analogkendama Music: Over N Over Musician: Not The King.

    More... May 1, 2020

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    by ChEz

    Straight outta the desert comes the brand new Haley Bishoff Pro Model Version 2! With Love from Washington State, Keith Matsumura brings you this visual and musical expression musing about the pinnacle of Kendama evolution that is pro model kendamas and their releases, and specifically Haley's new pro model. Not shot in the desert, but rather the PNW with desert vibes and climbs inspiration from the @hbishhh herself. Much love to everybody out there, hope you enjoy this funky piece, and go buy a Bish Mod v2!!! Look for the single "Desert Flowers" by Keith Matsumura on Apple Music and Spotify soon! All sound and visuals created/captured by Keith Matsumura. _________ BISHMOD V2 takes you from the mountains and trees to desert, cacti and sandstone. It remains a tribute to the tribute team. This time around, the Bish Mod has an additional tribute to someone who has pioneer kendama and positively changed the lives of many around the world: Dave Mateo, Spike Hard Catch Low, forever." - Haley Bishoff

    More... Apr 29, 2020

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    This is one schweet dama. I messed up the bevel size and it's actually 23mm, not 21mm! Sorry about that. Check out GT's website below, along with some other links to things. love u

    More... Apr 28, 2020

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    Afterglow New Kendama Player Welcome Missu! ◇Player◇ Missu Instagram: ◇Kendama◇ Terra Kendama Instagram: ◇Director◇ Tokunoshin Instagram: Afterglow Youtube: HP: Instagram: ©︎2020 Afterglow #kendama #afterglow #missu

    More... Apr 26, 2020

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    Another installment of the Museum Tours! Matt Sweets takes you inside his kendama collection (one of the largest in the world) and shows you some of the craziest, weirdest, most wacky kendamas ever. This is a wide variety of kendamas from people and places around the world! Sit back, relax and enjoy this informative video! Which kendama is your favorite???

    More... Apr 23, 2020

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    Teodore and Timothee team up for a collection of dope tricks and good vibes with a touch of French flavor.

    More... Apr 19, 2020

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    Sol Kendamas owner Chad Covington spent the entire month of February grinding kendama with his non-dominant hand. These clips were filmed for 28 tricks later on Instagram and stitched together to create this edit. All tricks landed left/opposite hand. Hope you enjoy!

    More... Apr 17, 2020

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    @kendamaisr @joeyeillebrecht

    More... Apr 17, 2020

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    Good weather and nobody on the streets. This is a video of a few 1 hour sessions I had over the last week. With a few extra days of with Eastern I decided to...

    More... Apr 13, 2020

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    7 years old and this edit still hits like day 1. If you haven't seen it, give it a watch. Easily one of my all time favorite edits, kendama history at it's finest.

    More... Apr 12, 2020

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    Hello, Downspike! I hope you all are doing well. Last January, some kendama players from the Philippines came together to film tricks for what would become our first Community Edit. This also marks the launch of our YouTube channel, Philippines Kendama Community, so please do leave a like and subscribe if you like what you're seeing. We plan to upload any future edits by Filipino Kendama players onto this channel, so stay tuned! This video is full of heaters, so I hope you guys stick around and enjoy our edit. Thank you! CREDITS (with Instagram Handle): Filmed by: Zaqeus Coronel (@lofty_lefty) Emil Apostol (@kendamapostol) Edited by: Zaqeus Coronel Kendama Play by (in order of appearance): Jake Mendioro (@juuke_kun) Ysrael Rabe (@ysraelrabe) Zaqeus Coronel Knox Leppago (@knox_dama) Emil Apostol Eruel Ursua (@eruelursua) #kendamaphilippines

    More... Mar 31, 2020

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    Stoked to release Missu's entry for the All Girls Kendama Video Contest 2020! Thanks for Junya for filming, directing, editing. I think this turned out great :)

    More... Mar 31, 2020

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    A quick phone edit I put together using my fresh Niunima pro mod from Winner Kendama. Dama play starts at the 1 minute mark, and filmed in a day including a night sesh. It's a solid dama, really enjoying this setup so far. Accepting constructive criticism. Only had a vague idea for the edit when I started but it turned out decent I think minus some details that's either an afterthought while editing or editing limitations from my current software. Hope you enjoy! @ride_the_dama

    More... Mar 28, 2020

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    by L-Ride

    British kendama competition which went down last month. Organised by Let's get it!

    More... Mar 14, 2020

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