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    Parker Johnson is 2021 pro!!! Parker got on to the team in 2015 as a part of the Focus team. He worked his way up and was promoted to the Sweets Pro team, and wanted to start 2021 off with a bang. Sit back, relax, grab a bag of popcorn, and watch Parkers journey in Kendama.

    More... Jan 11, 2021

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    Happy Holidays and happy 8 year kendama anniversary from Ben Herald. Take a walk with Ben in the depths of Santa Cruz and discover epic locations and even more epic tricks. Learn more 1.1.21 Filmed by Adrian Esteban Nick Lectura Edited by Jake wiens Music Jose Gonzalez "Lovestain"

    More... Jan 11, 2021

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    Throughout 2020 I had a goal to film a new trick every day, all year long. A little over a year later, I have a movie to show for it. Enjoy my year long recap: CONSISTENT -Colin

    More... Jan 11, 2021

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    This month marks the start of 5 years of kendama and I can’t be more stoked to see how the game grows this year, as well as my own progression. Part 1 of 2 part series, the latter planned for a Fall release, and will be a stark contrast to Part 1. Using the Buoy mod from @citadelkendama Designed for mobile viewing. Let me know what you think in the comments #kendama #けん玉 #destroyalldamas #kendamacanada #kendamaedit #fcpx #buoymod

    More... Jan 8, 2021

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    by L-Ride

    New edit from June! "Fall is my favorite time of the year. Every year around fall, I become super motivated and have an increase in my mood and productivity; and then it fades until next fall. This year has felt different, and I think that this motivation is here to stay, at least for now. With that said, this was my first time editing a video of mine in a long time and had to learn a whole new software to do it. Im excited to create and improve my editing skills even more. Thank you to all of the kendama community for pushing the game and to everyone in my life for supporting me!" Enjoy - CJ

    More... Dec 13, 2020

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    fallin50 is the documentation of the fall season through 50 spikes of the kendama. The entire video is shot with only using the 50mm lens. Shot by, edited by, directed by, and staring Jake Wiens. From Jake The fall is my favorite time of year with out a doubt. I call it "magic season". It is the season of change. This year way more than the weather and leaves have changed in my life. From the loss of my Grand Mother to the birth of my son owen 6 days later my life has for sure changed. This project allowed me to focus on the moment while everything around me changes. Holding hands with Isla walking through the woods, focusing hard on a kendama trick, and finding that perfect shot were all ways of living in the moment. Why 50mm lens? The 50mm is a lens that allows me to bring my subject to the front and blur the rest. With kendama I find this to be important. I also find it important when telling a story. I want you to take note of each leaf, each trick, each drop of rain, and be able to feel as if you are there. This fall has not been easy for me. I'm sure it has been difficult for others as well. The fall also reminds me that change is inevitable. Every year the leaves will fall just as every year they will come back. It's important to find the beauty in change and use it to evolve. The music. Rufus Du sol - Innerbloom. This song has been in my headphones for a very very long time. I am happy to be able to use it to fully express my vision for this video. Thank you all for watching. -Jake wiens

    More... Dec 8, 2020

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    just some tricks ive never put the time in to learn and lockdown seemed like a good time to do it!

    More... Dec 7, 2020

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    Kelvin's Sol Vibe design was inspired by Mari Makinami from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild Movies

    More... Nov 30, 2020

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    We are so proud to announce Joshua 'Flow' Grove pro model kendama! The whole Sweets team was able to snag a clip for this epic edit. We love you Josh! Song Go Deh Yaka (Go to the Top) (Club Mix) Artist Monyaka Album Easy Street Records - 25th Anniversary

    More... Nov 22, 2020

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    I spent the day with my homie Nick Low and came away with some chill clips for a chill edit. Hope you enjoy, feedback is always welcome! Featuring the Classic Camo V25 from Sweets Kendamas, and Buoy (V1) from Citadel Kendamas. #けん玉 #kendama #kendamacanada #sweetskendamas #citadelkendamas

    More... Nov 16, 2020

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    by L-Ride

    Sol Flow Team member Carter Justice presents the Skol Sol Vibe. The Sol Vibes are a line of kendamas designed by every player on the Sol Kendamas team. Carter's vibe is inspired by the Minnesota Vikings.

    More... Nov 4, 2020

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    This is the video that was last seen on Joe's computer.... The tricks in this video have been possessed with the JODY BARTON SKELETONS curse. Please be advised, these are bangers. You have been warned.. -krom

    More... Oct 25, 2020

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    French player Timothee Berthelot, Kendama edit by Alexandre Gallego. Enjoy

    More... Oct 19, 2020

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    Carter Justice and Gino Gaxha met up and threw down some hammers for this one day kendama edit.

    More... Oct 11, 2020

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    SWAF V25 Classic Camo. Had a good sesh with this freshie. Goin for vibes with this one. #けん玉 Song: You, You’re Awesome Do Make Say Think

    More... Oct 7, 2020

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    by L-Ride