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    The Kendama USA - CREEP IT REAL TOUR is here!!! Kendama USA’s FIRST Halloween tour, ever! Jump in the van with Wyatt Bray, Dylan Westmoreland, Nobu Nori, Bryan Scagline, Zach Magnuson, and Jewbacca as they creep from Minnesota - all the way to Atlanta Georgia! Special shout out to everyone who came out to the jams! Be sure to comment below the spots, tricks, and moments ya'll we're feeling most!

    More... Nov 4, 2019

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    From Sweets: The Sweets Life is back for this 3-part series documenting the North American Kendama Open. Cooper Eddy takes you around the NAKO pre-party at the Sweets Kendamas shop. We also included our hair dying party because all of you donated over $5k on our NAKO livestream! This was one of the most epic Thursday night parties we've ever had for any of our events. You're going to want to come next year!

    More... Oct 18, 2019

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    Sweets uploaded the DS Awards livestream so you can check out the whole video here. From Sweets: The DS AWARDS recognize extraordinary effort and creativity in the kendama community. Hosted by, the public has a chance to vote for their favorite players in a variety of categories. 12:20 - Start of 2019 Downspike Awards

    More... Oct 16, 2019

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    My best edit yet

    More... Oct 14, 2019

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    by Rar3s

    The squad took a couple days to chill and play some dama after Van Jam 6. Tricks from the local homies, lots of nature, good oldschool dama vibes all around. Enjoy! :D

    More... Oct 11, 2019

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    Sit down to watch, cuz your brain is going to melt

    More... Oct 11, 2019

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    Hope you all enjoy! New edit from Sound Kendama.

    More... Oct 9, 2019

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    Aymeric joined the Nativ ProTeam in 2019 here is his announcement ! Shot/cut: Aymeric Ibarz

    More... Sep 30, 2019

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    by mic66

    DS AWARDS will take place LIVE at NAKO on Saturday, October 5th at 11:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm Pacific. The livestream will be available on Sweets Kendama's twitch stream. (The livestream will also be posted on Downspike main page for easy reference.) --- CLICK HERE for the RAFFLE ^If you like the show, consider buying a raffle ticket to support! Win yuge prizes from KendamaUSA, Terra, Sweets, Sol, and more. We will ship to winners for free. NOTE: This year, the raffle is only open to the first 25 entrants. Huge chance to win! CLICK HERE TO VOTE (or share this link with friends: ) Then, Tune in on Sat 10/5 at 8pm Pacific! Read more at

    More... Sep 23, 2019

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    instagram: BVSTER #woodaws @woodaws #浮生 @fushengkendama #kendama

    More... Sep 23, 2019

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    by BVSTER

    Mini edit I put together with a couple fun tricks. These first few fall days always get me in a bit of a funk.

    More... Sep 23, 2019

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    by Qonnor

    Is there a name for this trick? The pant spike? the p***s spike? I know for sure it's just as hard as landing a yank

    More... Sep 3, 2019

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    South Kendama website Youtube: Instagram: Facebook:

    More... Sep 2, 2019

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    by Rain Lu

    From Youtube: This Edit is not about the tricks. It’s an exercise in filmmaking, an exploration of new ideas, and most importantly its my creative outlet. Kendama is what sparked my passion for videography and what made this whole project possible. And I hope you like the tricks too. - George Marshall

    More... Aug 22, 2019

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    Sound Kendama new new :)

    More... Aug 19, 2019

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