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    TIMESTAMP 1. RELEASES 00:11 Sweets Kendamas — C Fraser Legend Model, Batch 1 (SOLD OUT) 00:48 KendamaUSA — Craft Toucan ( 01:01 Zawada...

    More... Apr 16, 2019

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    Taiwan Jam Instagram : Taiwan Jam Facebook : KT from Taipei Taiwan Tao from Fusheng Kendama Thanks for Terra Kendama supporting these two Dama Blitz to TWJ 2019!!!!

    More... Apr 11, 2019

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    by Rain Lu

    Taiwan Jam Instagram : Taiwan Jam Facebook : William Mok from Pak Fuk Kendama LULU from Fusheng Kendama

    More... Apr 11, 2019

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    by Rain Lu

    Taiwan Jam Instagram : Taiwan Jam Facebook : PC from YUMU HK LULU from Fusheng Kendama Thanks for the big support from Gloken!!The champion of Open Division will get air tickets to KWC 2019 ,KWC 2019 full package ,and the seed to final!

    More... Apr 11, 2019

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    by Rain Lu

    A few months ago I traveled to Glasgow to kick it with the boys from Sound Kendama. Spending 5 days and meeting the community. We had some time to film aswell and out of this long weekend we made an edit! Filming and editing: @paul.slayer Kendama: @kendamaarten

    More... Apr 5, 2019

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    TIMESTAMP 1. MISC 00:09 Sweets Kendamas Announces Merger 2. RELEASES 00:34 Kendama USA : Craft New Wood — Morning 00:55 Grain Theory : GT-A 01:19 Sol Kendama...

    More... Mar 31, 2019

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    TIMESTAMP 2. RELEASES 00:16 Kendama USA : Craft Red Elm ( 00:31 Kendama USA : Kaizen Shift Halo - Super Sticks (

    More... Mar 26, 2019

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    We are excited to welcome RIN SHIBUYA to the TRIBE TEAM! Rin Shibuya is 14 years old and from Aichi Japan! She has been ripping, repping, and honing her skill over the years with kendama and has now accepted a spot on the Kendama USA Tribe Team! Over the years of KWC and trips to Japan, Rin always stood out as a talented player. Last year at KWC 2018, KUSA Pro Wyatt Bray gifted her his Craft setup and told her practice even harder because we want her on the TRIBE. (As seen in video) Rin quickly accepted the challenge, picking up play styles and inspiration from DWESTY and Nobu Nori, and is now developing her OWN style that we are excited to see grow! "Special Thank you to everyone that has made this possible, and I am very excited to start my NEW kendama journey with the Kendama USA TRIBE! - Rin

    More... Mar 25, 2019

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    Dama to the Death 2 went down on Saturday March 16 at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando, Florida. Skillderness hosted the event. You can check out their website...

    More... Mar 22, 2019

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    Ryan Reese's first full Kendama edit. @Skillderness

    More... Mar 22, 2019

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    A local team reached out and asked me to join up. So thrilled to have a little community out here in the pnw to jam with! Also, stoked to share this brief little insta edit one of the team members cut together.

    More... Mar 21, 2019

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    by Qonnor

    My apologies for the absence of a March Week 1 episode, but let's take a look at the second week! TIMESTAMP 2. RELEASES 00:10 Sweets Kendamas : Kaiju Kendama...

    More... Mar 19, 2019

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    KENHOLIX Edit Vol. 1 Shot / Edit: Morishin KENHOLIX Menber: Yutaka Hanzaike J Morishin Patrick Aozora Stephen Mizore Crazy Hero Yasu Nowa Instagram : @kenhol...

    More... Mar 15, 2019

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    Scags back at it again, this time, he's double fisting KAIZEN FLIPS! #SUN and #SKY! These Kaizens are designed to shred. This crispy blue and yellow tamas are coated in our smooth Kaizen Silk paint and breaks in perfectly. Located around the bevel is two 70/30 bands designed for tracking. Laced up with a beech Shift shape ken, these FLIPS are honed and ready to rip!

    More... Mar 12, 2019

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    Hey everyone! This is just my personal unboxing of the Wyatt Bray pro model from Kendama USA. Enjoy! Music: Happiness - KZ YouTube: Instagram: Soundcloud: Spotify: [MEDIA]

    More... Mar 9, 2019

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