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    "A compilation of tricks I filmed throughout Summer 2018. A few of these have been in my head for literally years and finally I've been able to lace, film and show everyone. This edit also pins my 3.5 year mark in kendama. Thank you so much for the continued support. Much love and dama on." - Paul

    More... Oct 10, 2018

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    FORTRESS UNDER THE BRIDGE New video in the magical spot I found a few days ago. Everything recorded in one day. Quick edits like this feel super good and I recommend making them. Playing with the new fortress tower shape. Feels unbelievably good in hand, especially for juggles.

    More... Oct 9, 2018

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    by Gasiek

    1. MISC 00:14 - Making A Kendama Rack ( 2. RELEASES 00:35 - Sweets Kendamas : Available at Target Stores Nationwide 02:09 - Sweets : V...

    More... Oct 2, 2018

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    WE OUT HERE. Coming at you with the KUSA Team Edit September! Epic clips and tricks from the squad accompanied by that lo fi hip hop vibe. ya feel? Comment below whose kendama trick was sickest! Have you copped a new Kaizen yet? Shop now the latest from Kendama USA! #kendama #kendamausa #KUSA #kaizen #KUSATEAMEDIT

    More... Oct 2, 2018

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    Super cool little segment filmed during DamaRama#2. Featuring some of your favorite Euro slayers. Enjoy!

    More... Oct 2, 2018

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    Sol Kendamas Pro Kevin DeSoto introduces the Rosewood Kevin DeSoto Pro Model. This Kendama is a special edition version of the Maple Kevin DeSoto Pro Model. Film Locations: Miyajima Island, Japan Hatsukaichi, Japan Los Angeles, California Las Vegas, Nevada Filmed by: Adrian Elvembuena Kyle Lee Thomas Ishikawa Omar Acosta

    More... Oct 1, 2018

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    Introducing a brand new level of competition! We heard your feedback, and have decided to add a level for the players who are between Intermediate and Open. This will be a head-to-head style competition like the standard Open. Sign-Up Now at Pre-Registration closes October 1st **If you have registered for Open of Intermediate and you would like to switch to Am-Open please email [email protected] **

    More... Sep 27, 2018

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    I have way too many Kendamas and no where to put them.. I'll take you though my journey of making a Kendama Rack!

    More... Sep 26, 2018

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    by maxdesu

    I put together an edit from all of the footage I took during our Japan and Korea trip this summer. Didn't have a ton of time to film tricks but the trip was super fun and I hope y'all enjoy the video.

    More... Sep 21, 2018

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    During KWC we announced Missu as the newest member of our pro team. Today, we are pleased to share her newest edit, and announce her pro status to the whole internet. Missu's tricks are unmatched, and we can't get enough of her amazing style. She has been one of our favourite players to watch for years, and we couldn't be happier to have her on the team. Welcome to the pro team, Missu! Edit by Rintarou Kanemoto, ありがとうございます!

    More... Sep 16, 2018

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    Been busy with work and a move but here’s a little edit I had fun making

    More... Sep 15, 2018

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    “This film is a culmination of footage from our monthly jams, community submissions as well as other random stuff - almost entirely filmed over the last 8 months. The idea was to both spread the word, letting everyone know about the kendama scene which is growing here in Scotland, as well as pin-point our progress as a community and as individuals. It is now our dream to continue to move the kendama scene forward in the UK, organise bigger events, throw more comps, give away more prizes, host more special guests, have as much fun as possible and play even more kendama than ever before. A massive thanks goes out to all the contributors who sent in clips, for coming to the jams, getting your friends involved – without you we would not have a scene. Dama on fam, see you in the next one.” - Paul Sayer, film editor/SK founder BUY A T-SHIRT, SUPPORT YOUR HOMIES FOLLOW US IG/Twitter/Facebook @soundkendama

    More... Sep 14, 2018

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    Team Sweets stopped by Su Lab and we just had to test their skills with a Crazy Ken Game!

    More... Sep 12, 2018

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    My deepest apologies upon the super late upload, i hope you enjoy this one! 1. RELEASES 00:08 - Krom : New Pro Mods ( 01:21 - Sweets :...

    More... Sep 11, 2018

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    Today Sweets Kendama dropped a unique look into the life of a Gallagher. Full write up:

    More... Sep 6, 2018

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    by Dæmon