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    The 2017 Kendama World Champion, So Kanada shows off our line of Dragon Ball Z inspired custom kendamas. There's a reason why So is one of the top kendama athletes in the world and here it is. Enjoy this energetic edit from the legend!

    More... Jul 30, 2018

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    Threw this together in a couple hours. Wasn't feeling like going for bangers so did some random stuff instead. Enjoy :)

    More... Jul 30, 2018

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    SOOOOO hyped to FINALLY drop the 2nd MOST REQUESTED GAME OF KEN ever. Straight from KUSA HQ in Atlanta GA - we have Logan Tosta (14) duking it out in an EPIC Game of Ken against his best friend and teammate - Gavin Harvey (13) !!! *BEFORE YOU WATCH* Comment below who you think will take the W for the TRIBE TEAM! ...AAAAAAAAAND as always we have SCAGS as the guest REF with eyes of a hawk and a memory of an elephant to break up any messy bangers, hand touches, and weak taps. GAME ON. -kusa

    More... Jul 20, 2018

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    LET'S GET IT! Back in March of 2017 Dylan flew up to Portland to kick it with Wyatt and the COTK crew for the week to stack clips and shred dama! During this week, the EPIC combination of Dwest & Bray was sparked. A combination of two different styles mixed into one kendama with the outcome being banger doubles tricks. period. Along with these crispy dubs trick - this edit is flooded with single bangers from both Bray and Dwest. we out here. - DWEST & BRAY

    More... Jul 10, 2018

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    This is Arete Prep Kendama club! Being able to make this club was so amazing to begin with. Playing with others who love kendama and sharing the game with new people was so much fun this school year. We just want to thank Mr.Narish for helping us make this club official and a part of the culture at our school. We also want to thank Kristian Aynedter, Trai Wilson, Alex Hirota, and Sweets Kendamas for prizes, and Kendama USA for kendamas that the club will use for many years to come. We're really going to miss being a part of this club, but it makes us happy to know that were able to leave such an impact on so many people at or school through kendama!

    More... Jul 9, 2018

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    Jerred Bradley is Yumu USA. Peep his first edit on Yumu USA's official channel.

    More... Jul 8, 2018

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    Hey everyone! Sorry for the late upload, lotsa work this time around. Also, the audio is a little whack this month, whooops. Hope you enjoy your (somewhat) f...

    More... Jul 5, 2018

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    KUSA TEAM EDIT JUNE! Summer 2018 - WE OUT HERE! Some of the squad was sleeping on clips this month and some were honing!!! Comment below whose clip got you most hyped and maybe even throw out some DAMA DARES to players for next vid!!! sit, chill, enjoy kusa TEAM EDIT June! music by Jaden smith - icon (loft remix) edited by scags -much respect

    More... Jul 2, 2018

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    Jam night happens every Tuesday in our workshop, 5-7 pm. Shoutout Troy and @CaribooBrewing for hooking up the goods! Stop by for jam night if you're ever in Vancouver! 37 W 7th ave, entry through the back laneway.

    More... Jun 25, 2018

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    Sweets Kendamas partnered up with Kendama Institute to do a School tour in Michigan led by new team member Joshua Grove. Traveling along side with Cooper Eddy, Nick and Zack Gallagher, Cody Griz and Zack Sieger, the team visited 5 schools in Michigan.

    More... Jun 21, 2018

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    This vid was shot back in 2015 shortly before Wyatt won KWC. If you really wanna know why it's just being released now, go to YouTube and check out the channel this video is posted on, he said he'll elaborate it in a later video. This is such a cool edit, I think it does a really good job of showcasing how epic kendama can be. There's some beautiful shots in there as well as some criiiispy slowmo. Yes the tricks are by no means the hardest, but I think if you were to show this video to a new kendama player or someone who's mildly interested, they would definitely be stoked on it. Also, I wish my camera could handle that kinda frame rate lol

    More... Jun 17, 2018

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    If you're in Minneapolis drop by ken club at the sweets shop every Tuesday 6-8pm and jam!

    More... Jun 15, 2018

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    Just a couple days of camping and kendama in Yosemite National Park! Music--Maintain by Cyne

    More... Jun 14, 2018

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    Josh is officially a part of the Sweets team now! Take a look at his announcement edit! Some straight bangers in there. My favorite trick is the one involving the giant kururin because he was out in the pouring rain grinding on that trick. I actually didn't even realized he laced, so that's even better!

    More... Jun 11, 2018

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    Hello - NEW SHAPE WHO DIS?! INTRODUCING - THE SHIFT SHAPE This month's team edit has the entire squad celebrating 2 things we're super excited about: The return of CRAFT Kendamas, which are all being released on the new SHIFT Shape designed by the KUSA Team. Get yours at Music : Bubbalinn - Anderson .Paak Panda - Designer- Bassti Lofi Remix Edited by: scags Tricks preformed by (in order of appearance) COLIN SANDER ZACK YOURD (& SPORT ) TURNER THORNE ALEX SMITH DAVE MATEO TJ KOLESNIK WYATT BRAY HALEY BISHOFF KENYATTA WILLIAMS NOBU NORI JORIS SCHWEPPE GAVIN HARVEY ZACH PORTER DEREK ASTIN LOGAN TOSTA EMMY EVANS BRYAN SCAGLINE DYLAN WESTMORELAND -much respect

    More... Jun 4, 2018

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